AcomEvo Advanced Communication System

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AcomEvo Advanced Communication System

Advanced Communication System ConsoleZetron’s Advanced Communication (AcomEVO) system is an integrated, IP-based dispatch solution that combines state-of-the art technology with a functional design that is driven by customer feedback. It provides the advanced features and functionality organizations need to control complex operations efficiently, accurately and reliably. AcomEVO is also highly customizable and can be tailored to your specific business requirements.



AcomEVO’s end-to-end digital architecture integrates voice (radio and telephone), data, paging and video transmitted over a LAN or a Web browser to provide unmatched flexibility and ease of use. Operating on a local-area or wide-area backbone, a single AcomEVO switch can support large-capacity, region-wide or country-wide dispatch systems.

Highly interoperable with radio

AcomEVO's high degree of interoperability supports communications across a wide spectrum of radio bands and dissimilar communications interfaces, including P25, OpenSky®, iDEN®, TETRA, EDACS®, SMARTNET®, SmartZone®, MPT 1327 and LTR®. This ensures that agencies with diverse radio equipment can communicate.

Full-featured, easy-to-integrate telephony package

AcomEVO offers a feature-rich telephony communications package. This includes functionality that integrates with standard analog subscriber and exchange ports as well as ETSI ISDN and E1 QSig.

It also includes:

  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Event Applications
  • Recorded Voice Announcement
  • Interactive Voice Response


AcomEVO can be configured for full redundancy with "hot-standby" equipment. This ensures the highest levels of system integrity and reliability that are so crucial in a mission-critical environment. It also makes AcomEVO the ideal solution for integrated communication-and-control operations and consolidated dispatch facilities, as well as backup, remote or mobile-dispatch points. AcomEVO is also ideal for integrating with or replacing legacy communication systems.

Suitable for large or small operations

The size of an AcomEVO system can range from a few dispatchers operating in a fixed or mobile environment to 100+ operators that are centrally located or distributed across multiple communication sites. Communication facilities located in different geographical areas can be networked to provide distributed switching and wide-area control. This improves efficiency and operational effectiveness and provides maximum security and reliability.


AcomEVO’s Windows®-based consoles offer intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces that can be configured to provide any mission-specific functionality your organization requires.


AcomEVO provides the ideal platform to implement communication technologies such as Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) and "digital-at-the-desktop" functions.

AcomEVO System Capabilities

  • PABX access
  • PSTN access
  • Autocall routing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • VoIP
  • Embedded HTML/PDF browser
  • Hotlines, intercom, and public address
  • Trunked radio interfaces and protocols
  • Network (LAN/WAN) interfaces and protocols
  • Patching and conferencing
  • Paging
  • Selective calling (SELCAL)
  • Open data architecture to support third-party developers
  • Digital data telemetry
  • Control of Closed-circuit television (CCTV)
  • Web streaming video for CCTV
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Channel monitoring
  • Voice logging
  • Recorded voice announcement
  • Interactive voice response
  • Remote control and management

AcomEVO System Overview

AcomEvo Communication System Radio Dispatch


Physical   Console Peripheral Interfaces
Media Controller: 19 Inch Rackmount   Speakers: 1 Select and (1-3) Monitor
(can be expanded to 8 speakers)
Media Dock: 192 x 210 x 62 mm   Desktop Microphone: Standard or Phantom powered
Footswitch: Single or dual
Environmental   Headset/Handset: 2 independently wired/wireless
Operating Temp.: 0°C to +50°C   Jackbox: 4 or 6 Wire interface (4W +PTT)
Storage Temp.: -10°C to +60°C   Auxiliary Audio: 1 Input, 1 output – 3.5mm jack
Humidity: 95% RH at 45°C, non-condensing   USB Control: Control and Audio to/from PC
Power: 85 to 260 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz
(Console Equipment)
48VDC (Media Controller)
  Digital I/O: 4 Relay Ouputs
4 Opto-isolated Outputs
4 Opto-isolated Inputs
Compliance to
the following
FCC Part 15 (USA), CE (Europe),
C- tick, A-tick(Australia), CS-03 (Canada)
  TRHI: Telephone Radio Headset Interface
for local telephone connectivity
EMC   Network
FCC Part 15 - Radiated & Conducted
Emissions (USA), ICES-003 - Radiated &
Conducted Emissions (Canada), EN 55022 -
Radiated & Conducted Emissions (Europe &
Australia, EN 55024 - Immunity (Europe)
  Infrastructure: 100 Mbps minimum, full-duplex Ethernet.
Switches and routers must be multicast
aware. Mission-critical applications should
use a dedicated network
(where applicable):
AS/ACIF S002 (Australia), AS/ACIF S003
(Australia), AS/ACIF S016 (Australia)
  Transport: Must be fully routed (ie: no address
Packet Loss: < 0.1% (< 1% for non-mission critical)
Safety Compliance
AS/NZS 60950 (Australia)   Packet Delay: < 40 ms for LAN environments;
< 500ms seconds for long haul (long
delay) environments
Host PC Requirements for AcomEVO Dispatch Console   Packet Jitter: < 20 ms (< 40 ms for-non mission critical)
Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV or better   VLAN Support: Recommended. Provided by Network
Infrastructure equipment
Operating system: Windows® 7 Professional
Memory: 1GB of RAM or more   WAN Interface: VPN interfacing required via Network
Infrastructure equipment
Hard disk: 40GB or more
Removable disk: CD/DVD ROM drive   IP Addressing: Media Controller – Static
Console - Static
USB ports: At least 6 USB ports should be available
      Console Workstation
Video card/monitor: 1024 x 768 pixel or better. 16-bit colour or
more. 17” or larger LCD monitor
  Data Bandwidth: 80kbps per group of 10 consoles (160kbps
in redundant configurations)
+ 40kbps per console
Pointer: Mouse, trackball and/or touch-screen
  Voice Bandwidth: 80kbps (max.) per Console RX or TX interface
Keyboard: Keyboard required for setup and for
supervisor access privileges
  Interfaces: Up to two Select (TX and RX)
Up to four Monitor (RX only)

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