Model 232 Data Voice Multiplexer

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Model 232 Data Voice Multiplexer

Data Voice Multiplexer M232

An operator with a Zetron remote can control a base station radio regardless of the distance between the remote and the radio. Remotes can be in office buildings or virtually anywhere outside the radio coverage area; radios can be installed at locations that ensure optimal performance and coverage.

A pair of Zetron’s Model 232s and standard modems establish a communications link over microwave or the telephone network using a dial-up, ISDN, or leased line.

Up to fifteen iDEN, MPT1327, TETRA, or DDC100 remotes can share access to a co-located Model 232. Operators at different locations can control the same base station radio.

Product Features and Configuration 

  • Multiplexes voice and data over a single telephone circuit
  • Fifteen remotes can access a single multiplexer

Data Voice Multiplexer M232 Bastc System


Modem Port: RS-232 compatible DTE interface,
male DB-9 connector. For connection to an
external modem or RS-232 data circuit.
Desktop Remote Port: 6-wire RJ-11 connector compatible with the 
Zetron models 360, Z370, 380, 390 and 
DDC100 remotes. Connected to either the 
remote(s) or the radio interface panel.
Console Port: 8-wire interface compatible with Zetron
Series 4000 Console Common Control. 
Optionally, internal jumpers configure the
port for use with RS-485, RS-232, or
TTL-level signaling.
Power: 12 volt AC or 13.8 volt DC, 1 Amp
unregulated supply via 2.5mm barrel
Operating modes: Direct RS-232, leased line modem, dial-up 
modem, dial-on-demand modem, program mode.
Installation set-up: Via RS-232 terminal (null-modem)
connected to the “Modem” port.


Model 232 Data-Voice Multiplexer - Radio Control