Model 4010 Radio Dispatch Console

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Model 4010 Radio Dispatch Console

Radio Dipatch Console 4010

The Model 4010 (Desktop) and Model 4010R (Rackmount) Radio Consoles are self-contained, single position radio console systems which accommodates up to 12 radio channels and 2 telephone lines. The units are compact and versatile.

The Model 4010’s modular design and programmability allow the unit to be configured to meet a wide range of public safety, government, institutional and industrial applications.

The Model 4010 is rigidly constructed, and is rated for continuous 7 day/24 hour applications with a proven track record of field reliability under the most demanding conditions. It is also suitable for portable applications, such as temporary or mobile Control Centers.

The Model 4010 has programmable function buttons for functions such as group call, channel select, channel mute, and channel patch. There is an integral keypad and LCD to display incoming calls. Two separate speakers are provided to allow the operator to hear selected and monitored audio, with volume levels adjusted on each individual channel. The operator options include a handset, gooseneck or desk microphone, headset and footswitch. Base station control is local or remote, using tone remote control 2970 Hz keytone, DC or E.

Standard Product Features and Configuration 

  • Expandable rackmount or office-styled desktop configuration
  • Flexible paging encoder
  • Supports DTMF, Motorola/GE Two-Tone, Plectron, 5/6 Tone, Quick Call I (2+2), Knox, and Rotary Dial
  • Accommodates most industry standard radio interfaces including: Tone Remote, DC Remote, Local Control and E
  • Supports one or two telephone lines with intuitive controls: “answer”, “release”, and “hold”


TRANSMIT ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS   Channel Control: Local, E & M, Tone Remote, DC Remote,
Telephone (tip/ring)
Audio Output: +10dBm max. into 600 ohm line  
Output Impedance: Transmit: 600 ohm balanced
Idle: 600 or 3500 ohms
  Local Control: PTT normally open relay contact rated
1.0 A at 24 VAC/DC
Distortion: <2% at full output. Hum, Cross-Talk
all -50 dB at full output
  E & M Control: Tx control via PTT relay, external 48V required
Microphone Input: -65 dBm for full output   Tone Control: 15 standard tones supported,
programmable (no trimmer adjustment)
650-2050 Hz. High Level Guard Tone
duration 120-600 msec. Function Tone
Duration 40 msec. Guard Tone Freq.
2175 Hz, alterable. Tone freq. accuracy
+/-0.2%; timing accuracy +/-1.0 %
Aux. Mic Input: -20 dBm for full output  
Page/Spare Input: -15 dBm, not compressed  
Frequency Response: -3 to +1dB from 250-5000 Hz except guard
tone notch
Compression: Input level increase of 30 dB above knee of
compression causes <3 dB output increase
RECEIVE ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS   DC Control: Programmable for +/-2.5, 5.5, 6.0, 11, 12.5,
and 15.5 mA. Operable up to 8K ohm loop
Accuracy +/-.25mA
Input Impedance: 600 or 10K ohm (4-wire)
3500 ohm (2-wire)
Line Balance: 66 dB at 1000 Hz  
Rx Sensitivity: -30 dBm max. at knee of compression;
  Busy Chan. Detect: Local Cross-Busy detection; Guard Tone or
DC Control detection (LOTL) optional
Frequency Response: -3 to 1 dB from 250-5000 Hz except 
guard tone notch
  Power Input: 13.5 VDC, 3.5A max or 95 to 250 VAC,
47 to 440 Hz 64 watts max
Battery: 11.5 to 15 VDC, 3.5A max
Compression: Input level increase of 30 dB above knee of
compression causes <3 dB output increase
Distortion: <2%   Aux Output: 4-Form C contacts rated
0.5 Ampere
4-Open collector outputs rated
0.25 Ampere
Call Light: Sensitivity 20 dB below knee of compression  
Audio Outputs: 5 watts into 4 ohms  
Mute: Programmable from 0 to -28 dB or full mute
“All-mute” time programmable
PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS   Aux Inputs: 8-TTL inputs (0-5 VDC)
Size: Desktop: 9” high x 18” wide x 14” deep
Rackmount: 10.5” high x 19” w x 10.5” deep
Weight: 15 lbs      
Dust/Liquid Ingress: NEMA 1, IEC 60529 IP 30      
Operating Temp: +5°C to +50°C      
Channel Interface: Tx/Rx Audio pair (for 2w/4)
Rx Audio pair (for 4w)
PTT relay contact
Busy out
Busy in / X-Mute in
Supv control / main-stby
Recorder Out

Model 4010 - Radio Dispatch Console - Control Center