Zetron Speaker and Microphone

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Zetron Speaker and Microphone

Speaker Microphone Dispatch System

Zetron Speaker

Unlike normal low-cost computer speakers, Zetron’s speakers are specifically designed for mission critical applications where reliability, ease of use, and voice fidelity are important. 
Premium grade components are housed in an attractive yet rugged enclosure to optimize the reproduction of two-way radio voice-band communication. An individual volume control eliminates the confusion caused by the stereo balance control found on standard multimedia computer speakers. A high visibility call indication LED on the speaker instantly identifies the source of audio.

Zetron Microphone

Whichever option you choose you can be confident that the Zetron Communications microphone has been designed for mission-critical radio communications. Unlike public address or paging microphones this mike has been designed from the ground up for dispatch center use. The stable base with highly reliable switches is matched with your choice of gooseneck and capsule combination.

Speaker Features and Configuration 

  • Machined aluminium enclosure for stable desktop use
  • High quality driver allows clear full 5-watt output at maximum volume
  • Resonant cavity is tuned for optimum response at voice frequencies
  • Balanced transformer input accepts line-level audio and eliminates troublesome ground loops.
  • Large smooth-action volume knob for predictable adjustments
  • LED confirms speaker is powered ready for use
  • LED Call Indicator is triggered by the presence of an audio signal
  • LED Call Indicator is not affected by the position of the volume control
  • LED Call Indicator permits users to visually identify the source of incoming calls in multi-speaker (Select/Unselect) systems
  • Operator cannot reduce volume below a technician-adjustable preset minimum volume level to prevent missed calls
  • Operates from 12 volts DC to allow elimination of clumsy “wall bugs” in system installations

Microphone Features and Configuration

Available with a either a generic capsule on a standard-duty gooseneck or a Shure noise cancelling capsule on a heavy-duty extended length gooseneck.


  • Machined aluminium base enclosure for stability
  • Red Double-wide TRANSMIT pushbutton,
  • White MONITOR pushbutton
  • Long life switches rated for 50 million cycles
  • Always-live microphone output allows for parallel PTT footswitch
  • Isolated and balanced output (Mic+ and Mic-)


  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Dynamic microphone cartridge
  • Frequency response: 100 to 12 kHz
  • Sensitivity: -52 dBV / Pa
  • Impedance: 600 ohm
  • 8.5” gooseneck


  • Shure 503BG Cardioid dynamic noise canceling capsule
  • Smooth frequency response with excellent fidelity in the voice range
  • Close-talking operation keeps unwanted signals and background noise at low levels
  • Constant output over voice spectrum when close talked
  • Humbucking coil minimizes undesirable hum effects such as CRT interference
  • Low-impedance (170 ohm) design permits long cable runs in extreme hum fields
  • Frequency response: tailored to communications use (100 Hz to 7 kHz)
  • Sensitivity: -61.5 dBV / Pa
  • Longer 12.5 inch gooseneck for optimal positioning
Size 7.0”H x 3.0”W x 4.1”D incl. volume knob.   Size of Base 2.2”H x 3.5”W x 7.0”D
Weight 1.90 pounds   Weight for Generic Gooseneck 2.45 pounds
with cable
Input Power requirement 12 to14 Vdc @ 1 amp (< 100 mV ripple)  
Audio Input Impedance 10 K ohm balanced transformer coupled   Weight for Shure Gooseneck 2.90 pounds
with cable
Sensitivity 250 mV RMS sine wave for 5 watt output  
Frequency Response Optimized for 300Hz to 7 kHz      
Call LED threshold 25 mV RMS      
Speaker Output 5 watts RMS (for over 100 dB SPL)      
Amplifier Distortion Under 0.1%      
Preset minimum volume Adjustable from silence to full volume      
Speaker Specifications Zetron   Microphone Specifications Zetron
Speaker Block Diagram   Microphone Block Diagram


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