Model 250 Tone Remote Adapter

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Model 250 Tone Remote Adapter

Tone Remote Adapter M250 Transmit PTT

Zetron’s Model 250 adapts to most EIA-standard base station radios so they can be controlled by a desktop remote. 
Multiple channel selection for up to fifteen frequencies, up to six control outputs, and monitor and transmit (PTT) make the Model 250 Tone Remote Adapter a powerful unit.

Twelve preset configurations of channel combinations, control outputs, and monitor functions make the Model 250 simple to install and easy to use.

Product Features and Configuration 

  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Automatic line loss compensation
  • Up to six control outputs; two relays
  • Integrated setup utilities


General Electrical
Input Voltage: 10.5 to 16 Volts DC Line impedance: Balanced 600 ohm or 200 k ohm
Operating Current: 180 mA typical, 260 mA max Tone Decode Level: Guard: -16 to +10dBm 
Function: -26 to 0dBm
Holding: -36 to -10
Operating Temp.: -30°C to +70°C 95% relative humidity 
at +50°C (non-condensing)
Indicators: Power, status FET output drive: Open drain, 115 mA sink capability
Adjustments: Rx audio, Tx audio, Line Tx Relay contact rating: 2 A at 30 V DC
Configuration/setup: Using front panel switches Rx to Line
output drive:
Guard tone
Configurable for 2100Hz, 2175Hz, 2300Hz,
2323Hz, 2600Hz, 2800Hz, 2970Hz
Line to Tx
output drive:
50mV to 5Vpp output into a high
impedance load
Audio filtering: Guard tone notch and hi-pass filters
in both directions
Selectable Configurations
Audio connections: Rx discriminator or speaker, and 
microphone Tx
• 1 Frequency, Monitor, PL strip, 6 Wildcards
• 1 Frequency, Monitor, PL strip, 4 PL, 2 Wildcards
Control outputs: 6 open drain outputs, 2 relays and PTT. Two
of the signals are configurable for monitor
and COR
• 2 Frequency, Monitor, 6 Wildcards
• 2 Frequency, Monitor, 4 PL, 2 Wildcards
• 4 Frequency (1 of 4), Monitor, 3 Wildcards
Mechanical • 7 Frequency (1 of 7), Monitor
Line Connector: RJ11 modular jack • 8 Frequency (binary), Monitor, 4 PL
Radio Connector: Detachable 0.156” crimp pin style • 8 Frequency (binary), Monitor, 3 Wildcards
Line type: 2-wire half-duplex, 4-wire full or
• 12 Frequency (binary), Monitor, 1 Wildcards
• 14 Frequency (binary), Monitor
    • 15 Frequency (binary)
    • 1 Frequency, Monitor, Latched outputs
    • Inverted BCD


Model 250 - Tone Remote Adapter - Monitor - Transmit - PTT