CODAN HF Base Station Configurations - Voice, Data & Interconnect Solutions

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CODAN has a range of products that enable interconnection between High Frequency (HF) transceivers and other communications media. With CODAN HF SSB equipment you can link into the telephone system enabling you to make or receive telephone calls on your HF transceiver. During a radio-telephone call, the voice of the telephone caller automatically switches the base station CODAN transceiver to transmit.

HF Base Station for interconnection to telephone systems can be configured on the base of NGT SR & ASR transceivers only.

Please see below a sample of central station configuration on the base of CODAN NGT SR Transceiver.

CODAN NGT SR HF Transceiver

CODAN 3020 Power Supply unit plus Cable

HF Multi-wire Broadband Dipole Antenna C463

HF Data Modem 3012





HF Radio-Telephone Interface

CODAN UUPlus® HF Server Email Software

NGT SR Base Station Configuration for Voice & Data Communication (sending Email) & Interconnect solution

  1. NGT SR HF Transceiver incorporating: 2010 RF Unit (fitted with option Fan), 2020 Handset, 2030 Junction Box, NGT SR Desk Console incorporating an in-built speaker, hand PTT switch, goose-neck microphone and in-built headphone output, CIB Interface Cable 6 m and Self Adhesive Rubber Feet
  2. 3020 Transceiver Supply Unit (110-240 V AC) with cable
  3. HF Multi-wire Broadband Dipole Antenna С463
  4. Coaxial Cable Kit RG58, 30 m
  5. Earth Braid 1.5 m
  6. HF data Modem 3012 with data cable
  7. HF Radio-Telephone Interface
  8. Voice Prompt Option for HF Radio-Telephone Interface
  9. Extra 2030 Junction Box to combine NGT SR Transceiver, RTU-292 and 3012 Data Modem
  10. CIB Interface Cable
  11. UUPlus® Server HF Email Software

Available Options

  • CALM Option - Fully compatible with FED-STD-1045 ALE capabilities and enhanced with Codan Automated Link Management (CALM). Includes facilities for Selective Calls, All Calls, Phone Calls, Text Messaging and GPS Position Calls.
  • Option Voice Encryptor - High grade Voice Encryptor Module for NGT series Transceivers. Provides high grade voice security with exceptional recovered audio quality
  • GPS Option – enables GPS tracking.
  • NGT Telephone Interconnect Management Software - Software for easy configuration and call log management. It can be used either locally or remotely via a telephone line data modem.
  • UUPlus® Client
  • USB/DB-9 - Cable, Power Adaptor - Telephone