iMesh - Broadband IP Mesh Solution

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iMesh - Broadband IP Mesh Solution

iMesh Solution

iMesh solution, consisting of vehicle node and backpacked node, provides customers the ability to
setup a flexible topology wireless broadband network quickly, which enables voice, video and data
transmission services for emergency communication.

The iMesh nodes can be deployed in fixed way by mounting on infrastructure such as walls and poles, or in
mobile way by installing on-board moving vehicles and drones. The nodes can not only operate as a
standalone network but also co-work with existing cellular or wired network to extend the network
coverage in various scenarios.

With 4G cutting-edge technologies, iMesh solution is featured with high spectral efficiency, lower latency,
plug and play, flexibility and stability, intelligent data route as well as end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS)
and security mechanism. The solution is a edge tool for emergency communication in public safety, military,
energy, forestry as well as other related booming industry.

iMesh Broadband IP Solution

iMesh Backpacked NodeiMesh Backpacked Node

iMesh Backpacked Node is mainly used for individual-soldier in backpacked or portable way in emergency or tactical communication.


  • High throughput: 60Mbps(10MHz)
  • Self-Organizing Network
  • Long Range: 2km(Non-LOS), 10km(LOS)
  • E2E QoS and Security
  • 5kg including battery
  • Golden Pin Awarded ID Design


iMesh Vehicle NodeiMesh Vehicale Node

iMesh Vehicle Node is mainly mounted on vehicle in mobile way or on infrastructure in fixed way. It can be also used for individual-solider in portable way and powered by external battery.


  • High throughput: 60Mbps(10MHz)
  • Self-Organizing Network
  • Long Range: 5km (Non-LOS), 40km(LOS)
  • E2E QoS and Security
  • 7Kg without battery
  • Ruggedized Design


iMesh Vehicle Node



  • Self-Organizing Network
  • Chain, Star, Random Topologies
  • All IP, both Layer-2 or Layer-3 Connection

High Capacity

  • High Spectral Efficiency: 6bps/Hz
  • High Throughput: 60Mbps (10MHz)

Quality of Service

  • Quality of typical service(3GPP-Compliant)
  • Default / Dedicated traffic bearer
  • QoS-based scheduling algorithm


  • Encryption: Snow3G, AES, IPSec etc
  • Mesh Authentication: USIM, AKA
  • WiFi Authentication: EAP-SIM, EAP-Radius, WPA/WPA2


  • Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC)
  • Hybrid-ARQ (HARQ)
  • Power control

iMesh Broadband IP Applications

Typical Scenario

iMesh Broadband IP Typical ScenarioiMesh Solution Typical ScenarioiMesh Network ScenarioiMesh Broadband IP Solution Scenario


iMesh 3800V   iMesh 3800P
Bandwidth ≤ 10MHz   Bandwidth ≤ 10MHz
MIMO 2T2R   MIMO 2T2R(Typ.) 1T1R
Tx Power 2x5W   Tx Power 2x2W 1x5W
Sensitivity ≤-105dBm(10MHz)   Sensitivity ≤-105dBm(10MHz)
Throughput 60Mbps(10MHz)   Throughput 60Mbps(10MHz)
Transmission Delay 5~10ms   Transmission Delay 5~10ms
Number of Nodes 32   Number of Nodes 24
Range 40km(LOS), 5km(NLOS)   Range 10km(LOS), 2km(NLOS)
Encryption AES, Snow 3G   Encryption AES, Snow 3G
WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz/5.8GHz   WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz
Dimensions L 330mm, W 240mm, H 114mm   Dimensions L 266mm, W 206mm, H 87mm
Weight 7Kg   Weight 5Kg (Including battery)
DC input 12~24V   DC input 12V (178Wh)
Power Consumption 40W(Typ.), 70W (Max.)   Power Consumption 20W(Typ.), 40W (Max.)
Temperature -40℃ to +65℃   Temperature -40℃ to +65℃
Humidity 5%RH ~ 100%RH   Humidity 5%RH ~ 100%RH
Sealing IP67   Sealing IP67



iMesh - Broadband IP Mesh Solution