PacStar 400-series Modular Communications Solutions

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PacStar 400-series Modular Communications Solutions

Serving small to large scale requirements

AT Communications offers the PacStar 400-series modules in a variety of compact case systems that transform individual network modules into comprehensive modular communication solutions.  Spanning a wide range of applications, the PacStar 400-series serves the needs of small team deployments to large-scale command posts. 

AT Communications provides PacStar 400-series systems based on a compact lightweight, custom designed carbon fiber Mini-transit Case for requirements to transport scalable, dense, quick setup form factors with high resistance to environmental damage.  PacStar 400-series modules can be operated in the Mini-Transit Case, using a modular, self-contained rack-mount Smart Chassis system.  The modules can be removed in groups of enclaves and operated independently, as individual modules, and even mounted in fixed equipment racks. 

Offering flexible options for both small and large deployments, the PacStar 400-series modular, scalable packaging infrastructure supports situations where integrated mechanical and power infrastructure are required. Ultimately, the PacStar 400-series system and modules enable the solution to adjust and grow, as user needs change. 

Other PacStar Compact Case Systems Include: 

  • Pelican case systems for small team deployments 
  • Rack mount systems for vehicle, tent and fixed-location installations 
  • Custom packaging systems for specific customer requirements 

PacStar Mini-Transit Case 

PacStar Mini Transit Case

With a payload of up to (9) modules, the PacStar Mini-Transit Case provides a transportable infrastructure for housing and operating the PacStar 400-series Smart Chassis and modules. 

Benefits include:

  • Lightweight, custom designed carbon fiber transit case with wheels and handle (9” x 21” x 14”) 
  • Meets FAA maximum carry-on bag size restrictions 
  • Holds multiple Smart Chassis with a maximum (9) module payload - e.g. (1) 4-slot and (1) 5-slot Smart Chassis 
  • Removable lids for operation of equipment in the transit case 
  • Smart Chassis are user removable and capable of operating outside the transit case; enabling physical separation as required for classified enclaves 

 PacStar Smart Chassis Mix and Match Modules

The PacStar Smart Chassis can be utilized as stand-alone entities or as components in a larger system and provide a mechanical and electrical standalone capability to house up to (4) or (5) PacStar modules. The modules are interchangeable in the slots, so that users can easily remove or change modules, as the mission requires. 

  • 4-slot Smart Chassis (7.5” x 6.8” x 12”) 
  • 5-slot Smart Chassis (9.3” x 6.8” x 12”) 

PacStar Smart Chassis Mix and Match Modules

  • Provides power to installed modules 
  • Includes an integrated power system 
    • Worldwide AC input, 47 - 63 Hz, 85 V - 264 V
    • Wide range DC input, 10 – 36 V DC 
  • Includes an integrated UPS based on the DoD standard 2590 Li-Ion rechargeable battery
    • 200 watt-hours rated
    • Automatically switches to battery if prime power is interrupted 
    • User accessible battery compartment 
    • LED indicators for battery status
  • Includes a clean power 12 V DC output port (50 watts) for ancillary equipment 
  • Includes an integrated cooling system 
  • Man-portable for standalone operation 

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