SwitchPlusIP - C-OTM Plus

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SwitchPlusIP - C-OTM Plus

Integrated Comms For Deployable Command Posts

For over 60 years, Harris has been a trusted provider of mission and safety critical products, solutions, and services that support defence organizations globally. Our leading edge solutions significantly improve the effectiveness, security, and capacity of our customer’s defence operations.

With the ability to easily network via existing IP-based communications infrastructure, C-OTMplus is designed to support geographically distributed operations, allowing commanders to manage deployed and distributed assets.

C-OTMplus allows deployed Tactical command-centres to be quickly set up and operated using their existing communications equipment to interoperate with other agencies.
C-OTMplus is 19” Rack mountable, easily transportable and supports both fixed and deployed application. The full featured C-OTMplus allows users to integrate disparate technologies including IP and analogue phones, telephone systems, tactical and conventional radios, and cellular equipment in a small modular footprint. The system allows these different communication sources to be automatically routed, patched, and conferenced to provide a truly interoperable communications solution across the battlefield.

SwithPlus IP - C-OTMPlus Structure

In addition to interoperability, C-OTMplus provides a standalone command center with full dispatch capability for multi-agency operations. The powerful touch-screen based operator position allows real time command and control of your entire existing communications infrastructure. It provides Reach-Forward access to radio nets connected to smaller deployed C-OTM units and Reach-Back to allow HQ to monitor remote tactical communications via the Satellite or IP WAN. C-OTMplus is software configurable and is based on the Harris world leading SwitchplusIP product. Using VoIP-based technology, the system provides flexible and seamless communications between IP, digital and analog communication devices with IP-at-the-core and no TDM elements.



Integrated radio communications: P25 (DFSI), Tetra (PEI), conventional UHF, VHF, HF (ALE, SELCAL)

Advanced remote radio control: channel change, gain, mode, power, etc (dependent on radio support)

Digital radio integration: emergency, man-down, individual/group call, SDS, GPS location etc (direct IP to infrastructure or PEI)

Integrated IP and legacy telephony: SIP, E1/T1*, FXO, FXS*, PAGA (Giant Voice)

Facility control: doors, sirens, booster pumps, lighting, access gates & CCTV. Ideal for deployable command posts or major incident management

Alarm monitoring: interface to distributed fire alarm panels from buildings and concourse (alarm panel dependent)

Configurable Standard

Operating Procedures

True IP-at-the-core (no TDM elements)

Any operator, any radio, anywhere

SwitchPlus IP - C-OTMPlus - Command Centre

C-OTM Plus - SwitchPlus IP - Software

  C-OTM Plus - SwitchPlus IP- Switches

SwithPlus IP - C-OTM Plus - Network



Dimensions (per blade)                                Width: 19” rack mount
Height: 44.5mm (1 Rack Unit)
Depth: 450mm
Power supply
100–240 VAC
12 VDC
AC and/or DC switch
Ethernet LAN 16 x IEEE 802.3 10/100 Base-T
Radios 12 x 4-wire E&M (including serial for control). Supports interconnection of radios of any band including HF, VHF, UHF, P25, Tetra. Cables available for a wide range of radio types
Cellular gateway 2 x GSM audio channels
External antennas GSM
Telephony 4 x FXO, IP phones (optional)
50 x IP phones (requires additional IP switch)
SIP Trunk
WAN 100/1000 Base-T, (Optional 4G Ethernet*)
Redundancy Fully redundant in dual LAN blade topology: Power, CPU, IP Switch
Max configuration 2 x LAN blades and 1 x WAN blade
Operator Control Unit (OCU)     Full dispatch and interoperability functions supported from Ruggedized Toughbook or desk mount touchscreen
Headset Commercial noise cancelling headset standard

SwitchPlusIP - C-OTM Plus - Interoperable Communications For Rapid Incident Response