Panther 0.6M VSAT Terminal for High Speed, Portable Data Communications

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Panther 0.6M VSAT Terminal for High Speed, Portable Data Communications

VSAT Portable Data Terminal Panther 0.6MVSAT Portable Data Communication Terminal

Providing high-speed data communications in a portable package, the Panther™ 0.6 is available in three frequency bands: X-, Ku- and Ka-. Extremely rugged and lightweight, the Panther™ VSAT terminal offers Internet and VPN connectivity, enabling video transmission with significantly higher data rates. This versatile VSAT package offers simple pointing, fine-tune adjustments and control capabilities via an embedded web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

Small, rugged and compact VSAT terminal 

The small and rugged 0.6M Panther™ provides up to 6 Mbps (transmit) and up to 45 Mbps (receive) data rates. A complete single band system fits into a rucksack or airline checkable case; optional RF kits are available, allowing users to switch bands without an additional terminal.

The standard Panther™ terminal is offered with an embedded iDirect Evolution iConnex e850mp modem with DVB-S2 receive capability and TDMA return channel. Incorporating Adaptive Code Modulation (ACM), the Panther™ terminal allows for high data throughput and flexibility in disadvantaged satellite coverage areas.

Elegant, Simple Use

Integrating an elegant, but simple manual antenna pointing method using intuitive visual indicators, The Panther™ allows easy, accurate, and quick acquisition without bulky motors, drive systems or complex test equipment.

The high gain of the antenna enables the terminal to be used in less than optimal locations within the satellite footprint. Ethernet data interfaces are provided for connection of various data, voice and video devices using an Everything Over IP (EoIP) approach. Control is via a simple, embedded web-based GUI.


Panther VSAT Data Terminal

  • Fully integrated, lightweight, rugged design
  • Azimuth and elevation fine-tune adjustments
  • No Fans - passively cooled
  • Supports the iDirect Keyline feature
  • Co-Pol option (Ku-Band)
  • iDirect Evolution series modem capable of DVB-S2
  • Field connectivity over CAT-5 cable eliminates heavy IFL cables
  • Integrated web-based GUI and front panel user interface
  • Interchangeable feed and RFE design allows for easy RF band change
  • Comtech DMD1050 modem option


Dimensions & 
25.5” (L) x 19.5’’ (W) x 15.9” (H) inches 
System: ≤ 45 lb.  (19.5 kg) per case 
System and Case: ≤ 65 lb.  (29.5 kg)
Note: Weight includes outriggers, battery box, AC/DC power supply, and cables
Modem Support iDirect e850MP 
Comtech DMD1050
Ports (2) RJ45 100baseT Ethernet ports
  • 90-264VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 18-48 VDC
  • Optional battery box for use with (2) BB-390 or (2) BB-2590 batteries
Band Support X, Ku- , Ka
Antenna 24 inches (.60m) parabolic, center fed 8pc. reflector
Sidelobes Per ITU-R S.524-8, ITU-R S.728-1, FCC 25.222 (Ku-) per MIL-STD 188-164A (X-, Ka-)
Polarization Horizontal or vertical cross pol configurable (Ku-) 
Circular (X- and Ka-)
G/T @ 20° elevation 
X- = 10.8 dB/K
Ku- = 18.2 dB/K
Ka- = 17.1 dB/K
EIRP (Linear) X- = 41.9 dBw
Ku- = 51.7 dBw 
Ka- = 49.2 dBw
Wind loading 25 mph (40 km/h)
40 mph (64.5 km/h) with anchors
Operating Temp. -32 °C to +50 °C - operating
Certification of 
production units
ARSTRAT certified X- and Ka-Band


Panther 0.6M VSAT Terminal for High Speed - Portable Data Communications