Journey Manpack

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Journey Manpack

VSAT - Journey ManpackJourney Manpack

The Journey Manpack is the latest in Norsat’s series of ultra-portable satellite terminals designed for military and commercial applications. The Journey Manpack is the highest performance “one case” solution in the industry. With IATA compliant packaging and tool-free assembly, the Journey Manpack offers a 0.9m aperture size and provides:

  • Unmatched durability
  • Maximum portability
  • HD video and IP transmission
  • 4+ hours continuous runtime with battery pack

Portable and Reliable

The Journey Manpack is a highly integrated complete solution including a compact, segmented antenna system, BUC, LNB, optional modem, comprehensive alignment tools, and a single backpack. The Journey Manpack weighs less than 18 kg (40 pounds) and is ideal for military Special Forces and government applications that require maximum portability.


The Journey Manpack is optionally equipped with Norsat’s Satellite Acquisition Assistant (SAA) that provides everything necessary to easily point, peak, and acquire a satellite. Tools
included in the SAA package include:

  • Spectrum analyzer
  • GPS
  • Inclinometer
  • Compass
  • Narrow Band Power Meter
  • DVB/S2 receiver
  • LinkControl software


The Journey Manpack is MIL-STD-810G compliant and has been built to operate in harsh and hostile environments. All of Norsat’s portable satellite terminals are designed for durability and to withstand tough military applications. 

Ultra-PortableJourney Manpack - Satellite

  • Single Backpack
  • Airline Checkable
  • Light Weight


  • Assisted-Acquire
  • Optional 4/6 Cell Battery Pack
  • Optional LinkControl Pointing Tools


  • Quick Assembly
  • No Tools Required
  • Minimal Training Required


System Ku-Band
G/T (Midband, 20°) 17.3 dB/K
Antenna 0.9m Carbon Fiber, Six segments, Parabolic Single Offset
Tripod Elevation/Azimuth
Antenna Travel  
Azimuth +/- 180°
Elevation 10 - 90°
Polarization +/- 90°
Optional Pointing Tools  
  Rx Tx
Frequency 10.70 - 12.75 GHz 13.75 - 14.5 GHz
Midband Gain 39 dBi 40 dBi
Axil Ratio - -
Cross-Pol Isolation <33 dB on axis  
Output Frequency 13.75 - 14.5 GHz
Reference 10 MHz
Reference Level 0 +/- 5 dBm
Gain (typical) 75 dB
Spectral Regrowth -26dBc @ 46 dBm
Ku-Band System Weight <14 kg
Backpack < 4 kg
Operating Temp -40 to +55 °C
Humidity 100%
Wind Load 36 km/h (free-standing)
65 km/h (anchored)
Battery pack (4+ hours runtime)
SAA Satellite Acquisition Assistant Pointing Tools & Link Control Software
Ruggedized iDirect e800 Outdoor Modem Unit (OMU-800)

Journey Manpack - VSAT - Portable