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AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd is a global wholesale distributor and manufacturer of communication equipment.
Our key focus of business is supporting our well established worldwide dealer
network with:
Excellent customer service
Fast delivery
On site support
Our mission is to uphold our reputation as a world-class telecommunications
company setting the standard of excellence in our field of  work.

HF SSB Transceivers
Military HF Transceivers
Military VHF Tactical Radios
HF Encryption
Encryption Product
Personal Role Radio 
Surveillance Radars
Military Intercom Systems
HF VHF UHF Data Terminals
HF VHF Modems
Dispatch Systems
Laser Surveillance Cameras
Tactical Satellite VSAT Communication

Our news

July 8, 2015
AT Communication new partner Exelis and PacStar

AT Communication International is pleased to announce that it has been named a reseller and support partner for Exelis Inc. (Herndon, VA) and PacStar (Portland, Oregon) products and systems.

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June 26, 2015
CODAN Envoy™ Firmware V1.09

AT Communication International is pleased to announce new Firmware Release in Codan  Envoy™ Transceivers. Now all Codan  Envoy™  Transceivers supplied with Envoy™ Firmware V1.09.

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May 3, 2015
Tactical Satellite VSAT Communication

AT Communications International is at the forefront of providing new and innovative product developments for satellite communications.

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New equipment

Panther 0.6M VSAT Terminal for High Speed, Portable Data Communications

Panther 0.6M VSAT Terminal for High Speed, Portable Data Communications

Providing high-speed data communications in a portable package, the Panther™ 0.6 is available in three frequency bands: X-, Ku- and Ka-. Extremely rugged and lightweight, the Panther™ VSAT terminal offers Internet and VPN connectivity, enabling video transmission with significantly higher data rates.


Military Tactical Data Terminal RT5

With its small size, the ultra-rugged, lightweight RT5 Tactical Terminal provides instant, secure messaging for any radio network with minimal training or set up time.

HF Transceiver Codan Envoy

HF Transceiver Codan Envoy

Codan's Envoy™ 2200 series HF Transceiver delivers dependable, clear, trouble-free voice and data communications in challenging environments, without dependence on existing infrastructure. With 125 W of power, Envoy™ is offered in mobile and base station configurations.

HF SSB Transceiver-HF Military Tactical Radio-VHF Military Tactical Radio-HF VHF Crosspatch-HF Data Modem--Codan HF Transceiver-Personal Role Radio