GSM Encryption

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National governments as well as international organizations have a wide range of missions and tasks to fulfil in an equally wide range of organizational and legal frameworks.

Serving the mobile security needs of institutional clients in over 50 countries worldwide, we know that no two organizations are alike, and that each individual mission requires great attention to detail to ensure that the COMSEC infrastructure that is to support this mission is up to the task.
Governments need to run large, complex communication networks that must provide reliable platforms for classified information.
A Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for example, must rely on a global transnational network to transport sensitive information between the Ministry at home and embassies and missions around the world. Many of these will be capable of communicating over multiple communication channels including satellite. In addition, in each country, the local embassy needs to be able to communicate securely with the ambassador’s residence, travelling attachés, and other staff members – and they need to be able to consult with officials at home using a secure line. To meet these needs, GSMK can provide a comprehensive secure communications system that is customized to a client’s individual requirements, can be easily scaled when needed, and that can adapt to changing requirements over time.


In the 21st century, the mobile network operator's role is changing and expanding. In the security domain, you need to be able to detect and defend against advanced threats targeting your network's integrity.

You are expected to stop fraud and cyber-attacks in their tracks before they will have an impact on your network's reliability and reputation. Your subscribers expect you to provide end-to-end communications security that needs to be easy to use while offering the highest grade of security. Privacy issues are at the center of the Internet of Things, and in the IoT debate regarding handling of data there will be winners and losers. What kind of network security you can guarantee to your industrial customers who are taking their service and manufacturing processes mobile is a critical point for these clients.
We are is there to assist you in handling the mobile security, privacy and safety issues of the 21st century: The GSMK Oversight® and GSMK Overwatch® network security systems allow mobile network operators to defend themselves against illegal interception, user tracking, manipulation and fraud on the network level, covering the entire signal chain from edge to core. The GSMK CryptoPhone® Modular system offers you the ability to offer end-to-end mobile communications security and mobile device protection as an operator-provided service, providing a unique differentiation opportunity in response to current developments.


In a global economy, business success requires information to be exchanged securely and reliably across network borders.

International corporations face the challenge of securing a global network of branches, departments, subsidiaries, partners and project teams around the world. Whether the challenge is to manage a global supply chain, protect periodic R&D conference calls across continents, or consult with dispatched project teams in remote areas, GSMK CryptoPhone® products allow you to concentrate on your business knowing that company confidential information and trade secrets remain just that – confidential.
Our unique 360-degree approach to mobile device security manifests itself in the GSMK CryptoPhone® product line of secure mobile, desktop and satellite terminals that offer strong end-to-end encryption, protection of meta data, and a hardened operating system that protects our secure mobile devices against attacks from the outside.