GSMK Oversight

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GSMK Oversight

High-Performance Intrusion Detection and Analytics System

Protect your Signalling Network‘s Achilles Heel.

With the technical foundation of the SS7 protocol going back to the 70s, today's increasing network complexity and the transition to new signalling technologies like Diameter still require strict policies and new tools to prevent fraud, hijacking or service disruption and espionage.

Oversight® is an essential part of your state-of-the-art signalling network management and allows high-performance live analytics and threat management of interconnect traffic across signal transfer points, diameter agents, carriers, and, signalling technologies.

Inherent system vulnerabilities of both, SS7 and Diameter have recently been publicly exposed, opening the door for systematic violation on a global scale.

Basic filtering or firewalling of SS7 and Diameter interconnect messages to counteract intruders is neither sufficient for protecting operators from the financial impacts nor can it guarantee the network's integrity in terms of data security or GDPR compliance.

Without dedicated detection and protection beyond basic filtering, the existing SS7 and Diameter core infrastructure can no longer be trusted:

  • Subscriber privacy violations and data theft
    Subscribers can be located down to street level and the location can be continuously tracked. IMEI and IMSI can be read out, including call status and hardware information.
  • Illegal interception of calls and messages
    Messages can be read and calls can be forwarded to unauthorized third parties using a number of alternative methods, including manipulation of subscriber data and crypto key exfiltration.
  • Billing fraud 
    The financial impact on billing fraud is highly relevant. Possible manipulations of subscriber data include unauthorized pre-paid to post-paid conversion and USSD-based attacks on credit transfers.
  • Denial of service (DoS) 
    Targeted attacks via ISD/DSD or general overloading of signaling links have recently gained in popularity and impact critical data connections (critical infrastructure) as well as voice services.

System Key Features

  • Carrier-grade SS7 and Diameter intrusion detection
  • Scalable system architecture
  • Compatible with redundancy requirements
  • Centralized remote management
  • Graphical UI - intuitive system handling
  • Nodes based on Erlang/OTP
  • Element profiling
  • Resilience 99.999% uptime
  • Carrier grade SLA, CARE, Incidents
  • Full SCTP/M3UA/M2PA support
  • M2PA support
  • Anonymised reports to comply with GDPR
  • High flexibility in rules and actions
  • Full OSS and cloud orchestration support

The Solution
As a renowned industry leader in the field of strong encryption and network security, GSMK developed the
Oversight system to enable comprehensive detection of signalling network anomalies and continuous monitoring and alarming.

The Oversight system architecture provides seamless integration into existing signaling structures and
complies with redundancy requirements within load balanced setups.

System Design
The Oversight network security system, building on a modular and scalable approach, consists of the
Oversight Manager, which constitutes the centralized backend, as well as a number of a number of
Oversight Detector nodes according to the number of interconnect STP or DEA nodes to be secured.

The Erlang/OTP-based software and runtime environment enable a highly parallel, fault-tolerant, real-time
non-stop system with maximum availability and scalability for reliable attack detection and parametrization.

Analysis and visualization
A major step into state-of-the-art analysis is the right graphical representation of raw data. Only then data
becomes information and complex systems can be handled without time-consuming trainings.
The backend system provides a state-of-the-art HTML5-based user interface (Oversight Frontend)
enabling intuitive and centralized system management. Visualizations allow different levels of operation, e.g.
filter configuration, filter grouping, graphing, logs, reports, alarming and system administration.

GSMK supports its customers before, during and after deployment with an advanced requirement analysis, full
deployment support, training, system swing-in calibration and tailor-made SLAs.

Lab Version
Lab versions are available for testing and maintenance purposes.

Oversight System Architecture

Multi-technology, multi-site, multi-operator, 5G ready

Oversight System Architecture

Oversight User Interface

Information visualization and system management

Oversight Frontend
Dashboard-based information
Oversight Frontend - Dashboard-based information architecture
Oversight Frontend
Filters, trigger levels and alarming
Oversight Frontend - Filters, trigger levels and alarming
Oversight Frontend
In-depth data inspection
Oversight Frontend - In-depth data inspection


Oversight Hardware

Information visualization and system management

Oversight Detector Node
High-grade applianceOversight Hardware Detector Node
HP ProLiant, Generation 10

System Monitoring
GSMK backend systems suport health monitoring via
frontend and SNMP (RFC 1157, RFC 3410) for centralized
monitoring solutions.


Oversight Manager
Scalable High-End-Server for mission-critical
applicationsOversight Manager

System Monitoring
GSMK backend systems suport health monitoring via
frontend and SNMP (RFC 1157, RFC 3410) for centralized
monitoring solutions.

GSMK Oversight - Signalling Network - Intrusion Detection & Analytics System