HF VHF Modems

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AT Communication International AG offers a wide range modems for any HF, VHF, or UHF radio network. The extensive range of modems complement any the radio systems to serve the mobilization needs for military/security, first responders, naval and government organizations.

1. RM2 Data Modem with Optional 2G ALE: Intended for government and non-government organisations (NGOs), the RM2 provides a compact data modem for high frequency (HF) and very high frequency/ultra high frequency (VHF/UHF) applications. Designed for desktop, vehicular and marine installations, the RM2 is suitable for governmental and NGO users requiring long distance data communication links

2. RM4 HF Data Modem with Optional 2G ALE:  Suitable for long distance point-to-point data links, the RM4 provides high data rates and ALE controls for high frequency data communications for naval and military missions.  Embedded in the RM4 unit, the 2nd Generation Automatic Link Establishment (2G ALE) Controller is activated with the appropriate AT Comms license key.

3. RM6–A Data Modem with Optional 2G ALE: The RM6-A for low frequency (LF) and high frequency (HF) radios is a high data rate, standards-based strategic and maritime communications modem. As an option, The RM6-A modem can include a 2nd Generation (2G) automatic link establishment (ALE) Controller that is activated by the user with a key selection for LF and HF modem software bundles and offers a compact solution for networking. The 2G ALE function can operate in combination with the RC66 or RC8 5066 Server and IP Controller directly through the remote control port.

4. RM8 Software Defined Modem with ALE: Offering a comprehensive range of narrowband and wideband waveforms and the latest 3G ALE protocols, the RM8 software defined modem with ALE is a flexible choice for high-performance, long distance (BLOS) strategic and maritime data communications over HF, VHF or UHF radios. The basic RM8 platform comes with the M1/M2 HF (link to RM8 Software defined HF Modem) or VHF/UHF software-defined modem, which is activated by the user with a key selection. The RM8 software defined modem with optional 2nd Generation (2G) or 3rd Generational (3G) Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) provides interoperable data modem and link setup in a standalone unit

5. RM8X4 Quad Software defined Modem: Housing four independent modem & ALE controller functions, the RM8X4 quad software defined modem is a standalone hardware platform for strategic and maritime data communications where size, weight, power and cost are at a premium. The RM8X4 is deployable in ship-borne, shore station and strategic communication installations occupying only a single 1U slot in a 19-inch rack.

6. RC66 STANAG 5066 is comprised of multiple components working together to provide the correct data link solution for your system. The basic RS66 system is comprised of a NATO STANAG 5066 stack and a controller service, however optional components and clients may be added to extend the services available.

7. TC4 High-speed, high-performance Modem with 2G/3G Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) Controller is intended for integration into LF and HF (VHF/UHF optional) radio transceivers and provides an optional 2G or 3G ALE controller.  For users requiring a competitively priced hardware modem that includes all MIL-STD and STANAG compliant waveforms, the TC4 provides value and a robust solution.

8. TC4 Modem and Email Bundle: Combined with the RC50 Email Software, the TC4 Bundle provides everything users need to enable email within a vehicle or fixed location.

9. A high performance HF modem and ALE Controller, the TC6 module integrates into HF radio transceivers and systems and offers optional embedded Automatic Link Establishment with linking protection (MIL-STD-188-141B Appendix A/B).