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From small teams to large and complex networks, the TrellisWare next generation MANET radios with TSM and TSM-X waveforms feature unparalleled performance for robust voice and data communication in harsh RF environments. The used waveform is ideal for highly mobile networking as it remains secure, it enables usability without RF environment interruptions, and it provides for full network awareness.

The radios simplify complex network topologies and provide on-the-move communications for dynamic network adaption which easily supports ground platform speeds and airborne platform speeds, including embedding to unmanned aircraft systems or mounted as a pod to better support tactical users who are spread out in highly mobile ground formations. The TSM waveform enables low profile and quick deployment networking, extends network range, directly connects radio to equipment, and provides advantageous connectivity for far away connections.

Available in compact, handheld, vehicular and base station form-factors, single- or dual-channel radios, different configurations and features the radios provide mobility and scalability across one network for government, military, first-responders, emergency and commercial users.