TrellisWare TW-600 Ocelot

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TrellisWare TW-600 Ocelot

TrellisWare TSM™ Module for Embedded Integration

TW 600 TSM ModuleTW-600 Ocelot is a module built for integration into hardware platforms and network systems. It provides reliable connectivity for tactical mobile ad-hoc networking. With optimal size, weight, and power, Ocelot is ideal for fitting into tight spaces.

Ocelot is a flexible communications solution for unmanned systems, ISR missions, security systems, or mining operations. It provides pin-header interfaces for analog audio, USB data, and module control, as well as simultaneous voice, data, and Position Location Information (PLI). Ocelot has the ability to act as a network relay to send and receive data.

Any system that embeds Ocelot gains the advantage of TrellisWare’s highly scalable and robust TSM wireless mesh network. This self-forming, self-healing infrastructureless mobile network delivers reliable communications in harsh RF environments, critical situations, or during unexpected networking challenges.

TSM Benefits

  • Infrastructure-less MANET
  • High-speed wireless IP networking
  • Self-forming, self-healing
  • Scalable to 200+ nodes
  • Robust in harsh environments
  • Non-routing network


Module for easy integration into other equipmentTW-600 Ocelot Integration

With optimal size, weight, and power, the Ocelot module provides robust networking and flexible beyond line of sight communication capabilities — all in a cost effective, low-profile package.


TW-600 Ocelot TSM Module Network relayNetwork relay to send and receive IP data

The Ocelot module opens up network possibilities as it acts as a network relay to send and receive IP data. The module is equipped with power, status, and control interfaces; audio, data, and software interfaces; and RF and GPS antenna connectors.

Optimal size for custom platformsTW-600 Ocelot with Module

The Ocelot Integration Platform accessory converts pin header interfaces into common interfaces and controls for embedding communications and IP data flow in custom platforms.

The Ocelot module is an example of a commercially custom platform for embedding into another form-factor. TrellisWare offers custom networking solutions and will work with you to reach your desired form-factor. 

TW-600 Ocelot Specifications

Size 3.37" (H) x 2.12" (W) x 0.54" (D)
Weight (R/T only) 3 oz
Frequency Range 1775–1815 MHz, 2200–2250 MHz
Occupied Bandwidth 20 MHz, Configurable to 4 MHz
Transmit Power 2 W
Input Power 3.0–4.2 V DC
Environmental MIL-STD-810G
Water Resistant Splash Proof
Connectors Board Mount, Power and Control, Audio,
Data Interfaces, U.FL RF Antenna, U.FL
GPS Antenna
Data Rate 8 Mbps IP Throughput per Channel
Audio Encoding AMR 5.9 or MELPe
Audio Latency 3 Hop < 275 ms; 8 Hop < 400 ms
Net Entry Time < 1 Second
Waveform TSM
Routing Barrage Relay™ networking
Modulation Constant Envelope

TW-600 TSM Module Specification

Common TSM Networking

Network Coverage Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET)
Range – 26 Mile LOS per Network Hop
Multi-hop – Up to 8 Hops
200+ Nodes in a Single RF Channel
Robust in Harsh RF Environments
Communication Services Simultaneous Voice, Data, PLI
12+ Cellular Quality Voice Channels
Up to 12 Real-time Video Streams
Built-in GPS
IP Support – IPv4, IPv6; Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast; TCP, UDP
Security AES-256
Remote Disable
Application Support Built-in Web Applications
Over the Air Remote Control
APIs for 3rd Party Integration
PLI with CoT, KML, and JSON
Integration with Android™


  • Integrates with other equipment and existing systems
  • Use for unmanned systems, ISR, M2M, security , or mining operations
  • Acts as a network relay to send and receive IP data
  • Its small size easily fits into custom or tight fitting platforms
  • Operates with other TSM products

TW-600 Ocelot TSM Module Applications

TW-2600 Integration Platform

The Ocelot Integration Platform converts the Ocelot’s pin-header interfaces into common interfaces and controls, allowing developers to jump-start their integration process

TW-2600 Integration Platform

TW-600 Ocelot - TSM Module For Embedded Integration