TrellisWare TW-400 CUB

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TrellisWare TW-400 CUB

TrellisWare The Small, Rugged, Sensor Handheld

TrellisWare TW-400-Cub TrellisWare TW-400 CUB is ideal for missions requiring sensor technology in a small form-factor handheld radio. CUB keeps your network low profile with an on board analog-to digital H.264 encoder, power conserving sleep modes, and local triggers.

CUB brings mobility and connectivity to critical situations or in challenging RF environments, including urban or rural, ground or air, in-ship, and long range distances. This portable radio is a receiver, transmitter, and relay all in one and can be left unattended for remote sensor access and control.

CUB is powered by TSM™ delivering reliable and robust high-speed wireless IP networking coverage. TSM is a completely self-forming and self-healing infrastructure-less mobile mesh network with unmatched scalability. CUB maintains 12 independent cellular quality voice channels while simultaneously supporting multiple video streams, data, and Position Location Information (PLI).

TSM Benefits

  • Infrastructure-less MANET
  • High-speed wireless IP networking
  • Self-forming, self-healing
  • Scalable to 200+ nodes
  • Robust in harsh environments
  • Non-routing network

TW-400 CUB Features

  • Onboard H.264 video encoder and video server
  • Sleep modes for extended operation time
  • Connects multiple networks with gateway functionality


TrellisWare TW-400 CUB - VSAT TerminalConnect Multiple IP Networks

Extend network range by cross-connecting multiple IP networks deployed. The CUB radio effortlessly bridges a TSM and an external IP network together with CUB’s built-in gateway feature. In this way, connect to a very small aperture terminal (VSAT) for a satellite network link that works as a backhaul to a wider enterprise network.


Sensor Dongle

Control all IP sensor traffic with CUB’s sensor dongle accessory. Conveniently collect information, surveillance, TrellisWare TW-400 Cub - Dongleand reconnaissance (ISR) for any mission, and leave it unattended as a ground sensor for perimeter or motion detection. The sensor dongle features an Ethernet connector, analog video input, power output providing a constant 3.3 V power source, and power saving trigger inputs and outputs.


Size 4" (H) x 2.5" (W) x 0.9" (D)
Weight (R/T only) 10 oz
Frequency Range 1775–1815 MHz, 2200–2250 MHz
Occupied Bandwidth 20 MHz, Configurable to 4 MHz
Transmit Power 2 W
Input Power 6–18 V DC with Power Adapter
Battery Life 8 Hours with 32 Wh Rechargeable Battery
Environmental MIL-STD-810G
Water Resistant 2 M Immersion
Connectors LEMO Audio, SMA RF and GPS Antennas, 24-pin for Dongles
Data Rate 8 Mbps IP Throughput per Channel
Audio Encoding AAC Audio, AMR 5.9 or MELPe
Audio Latency 3 Hop < 275 ms, 8 Hop < 400 ms
Video Encoding MJPEG or H.264
Net Entry Time < 1 Second
Waveform TSM
Routing Barrage Relay™ networking
Modulation Constant Envelope

TrellisWare TW-400 Cub Specifications

Common TSM Networking

Network Coverage Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET)
Range – 26 Mile LOS per Network Hop
Multi-hop – Up to 8 Hops
200+ Nodes in a Single RF Channel
Robust in Harsh RF Environments
Simultaneous Voice, Data, PLI
12+ Cellular Quality Voice Channels
Up to 12 Real-time Video Streams
Built-in GPS
IP Support – IPv4, IPv6; Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast; TCP, UDP
Security AES-256
Remote Disable
Application Support Built-in Web Applications
Over the Air Remote Control
APIs for 3rd Party Integration
PLI with CoT, KML, and JSON
Integration with Android™

TrellisWare TW-400 Cub Applicartion


  • Sensor technology provides awareness of physical or environmental conditions
  • Constant real-time intelligence for warfighters, first responders, miners, ISR, and in-ship
  • Wear, access remotely, or leave unattended as a receiver, transmitter, and relay
  • Robust RF connectivity in highly dynamic environments
  • Operates with other TSM products

TW-400 CUB - Sensor - TrellisWare