TrellisWare TW-225-01 CheetahNet Mini

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TrellisWare TW-225-01 CheetahNet Mini

Supplies of the equipment stopped

TrellisWare Tactical Voice Communications Handheld

TW-225-01 CheetahNet Mini Military Tactical MANET RadioTrellisWare TW-225-01 CheetahNet Mini is a rugged handheld device for tactical voice and data applications. CheetahNet Mini offers secure voice channels and data connections, and attaches to external platforms, such as a PC or an Android™ device.

First responders in critical emergency situations or warfighters in shipboard operations can rely on TW-225-01 to deliver robust communications with simultaneous voice, data, and Position Location Information (PLI).

CheetahNet Mini runs with the TSM™ waveform, which allows for network mobility and scalability—from 10s to 100s of radios, in any challenging RF environment. In the TSM infrastructure-less network, CheetahNet Mini maintains 12 independent cellular quality voice channels with AMR 5.9 or MELPe audio encoding, encryption security, and high dynamic and range capability.

TSM Benefits

  • Infrastructure-less MANET
  • High-speed wireless IP networking
  • Self-forming, self-healing
  • Scalable to 200+ nodes
  • Robust in harsh environments
  • Non-routing network

TW-225-01 CheetahNet Mini Features

  • Secure voice and data encryption
  • Connect to PC and Android devices
  • Uses transflective LCD display for controlled visibility

TW-225-01 CheetahNet Mini - Android Tactical Military MANET Radio Control


Size 4" (H) x 2.5" (W) x 1" (D)
Weight (R/T only) 11 oz
Frequency Range 1775–1815 MHz, 2200–2250 MHz
Occupied Bandwidth 20 MHz, Configurable to 4 MHz
Transmit Power 2 W
Battery Life 9.5 Hours with 32 Wh Rechargeable Battery
Environmental MIL-STD-810G
Water Resistant 2 M Immersion
Connectors LEMO Audio, SMA RF and GPS Antennas,
24-pin for Dongles
Data Rate 8 Mbps IP Throughput per Channel
Audio Encoding AMR 5.9 or MELPe
Audio Latency 3 Hop < 275 ms; 8 Hop < 400 ms
Net Entry Time < 1 Second
Waveform TSM
Routing Barrage Relay™ networking
Modulation Constant Envelope

TW-225-01 CheetahNet Mini Specifications Military Tactical MANET Radio

Common TSM Networking

Network Coverage Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET)
Range – 26 Mile LOS per Network Hop
Multi-hop – Up to 8 Hops
200+ Nodes in a Single RF Channel
Robust in Harsh RF Environments
Simultaneous Voice, Data, PLI
12+ Cellular Quality V oice Channels
Up to 12 Simultaneous Video Streams
Built-in GPS
IP Support – IPv4, IPv6; Unicast, Multicast, Broadcast; TCP, UDP
Security AES-256
Remote Disable
Application Support Built-in Web Applications
Over the Air Remote Control
APIs for 3rd Party Integration
PLI with CoT, KML, and JSON
Integration with Android™


  • Handles IP data in tactical voice applications
  • Delivers secure voice and IP data connections
  • Easily change parameters and view network status with LCD display panel
  • Operates with other TSM products

Supplies of the equipment stopped 

TW-225-01 CheetahNet Mini - MANET - Military - Tactical