HF SSB Transceiver

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AT Electronic and Communication International (AT) is a respected provider of HF transceivers with over 20 years of experience providing solutions to global clients. We have established ourselves as a leading supplier of one of the world’smost iconic HF transceiver brands, Codan.

The popular NGT series of HF Mobile stations has been deployed extensively by several UN aid agencies. The Codan 2110 Manpack employs leading edge technology to deliver a solution that is light weight yet capable of sophisticated functionality such as data transmission, ALE, CALM with leading battery endurance performance. The Codan NGT base station solution provides an intuitive desktop interface that operating staff will find easy to use with minimal training.

Adding to the company’s innovation, AT has been supplying the Codan Envoy HF transceiver. This leading edge design provides the latest in digital communication techniques to deliver reliable HF voice and data communications with clarity that is easy to use.

AT has established itself as one of the largest international distributors of the Codan brand of HF transceivers servicing markets including; aid and relief, emergency services, NGO, government infrastructure, utility, defence, security, mining, energy and telecommunications.

AT works with its expanding client base delivering a comprehensive range of products to provide integrated HF systems. Solutions combine products from Codan and our accessory suppliers. Systems integration support can be supplied when configuring a solution where HF base, mobile and manpack transceivers will be functioning to transmit voice and data communications in a coherent package.

AT provides and extensive amount of information on this website on HF transceivers, antennas, power supplies, remote control, amplifiers, data terminals, repeaters, cross patch and tracking solutions.