Codan 3160 Military HF Amplifier

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Codan 3160 Military HF Amplifier

Codan HF Military Power Amplifier 125 W OUTPUT POWER, 1.6 TO 30 MHZ

Complementing the exceptional features of a 2110M,2110T transceiver the Codan 3160 Power Amplifier increases the output to 125 W across the full HF spectrum.
The output power can easily be changed between 125 W, 25 W or 5 W from the transceiver front panel.


Packed into a small and rugged unit the 3160 is designed for installation fl exibility through its fl ange mount design and optional mounting bracket system.


The 3160 Power Amplifi er meets or exceeds environmental specifi cation for shock, vibration, dust and immersion. It also provides complete protection against reverse polarity, over voltage, antenna mismatch and over temperature.


Specifically designed for the 2110M series transceiver, the Codan 3160 HF Power Amplifier is simple to confi gure and operate. When connected to a 2110M transceiver the 3160 is automatically detected at power on and ready to use.
In the event of PA failure the combined system will automatically bypass the PA block to ensure continued operation at 25 W. The Codan 3160 Military Power Amplifier’s operational status can be viewed on the 2110M,2110T front panel display.


The 3160 supports 100% duty cycle for normal speech or data operation.


  • Mounting Bracket


  • 100 W Output Power
  • Cooling Fan (recommended with Data)


Frequency range Transmit: 1.6 to 30 MHz
Power output 125/100 W PEP reducing with frequency to 95 W PEP at 30 MHz +/– 1 dB
CW or single tone: approximately 60% of PEP with average PEP control
(average control disabled on handset PTT)
Spurious and harmonic emissions Better than 60 dB below PEP
Intermodulation 125/100 W: 26 dB below each tone 32 dB below PEP
RF input/output impedance 50 Ohm nominal
Duty cycle (100%) Normal speech over full temperature range
All data modes up to maximum ambient temperature of 45°C (113°F) with Option F
Supply voltage 13.6 V DC nominal, negative earth
Normal operating range: 10.8 to 15 V
Reverse polarity protected
Overvoltage protection Shuts down at 16 V DC nominal for duration of overvoltage
Supply current Output power: 125 W or 100 W
Two-tone or CW: 9 to 17 A
Receive: 65 mA
Load protection Safe under all load conditions
Environment Ambient temperature: –30 to +50°C (–22 to 140°F)
Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing

Low Pressure method 500.4
Rain method 506.4
Humidity method 507.4
Fungus method 508.5
Salt Fog method 509.4
Sand and Dust method 510.4
Immersion (IP68) method 512.4
Vibration method 514.5
Shock method 516.5
Cooling Convection or fan (option F)
Size Power Amplifi er (PA) 268 mm W x 146 mm D x 77 mm H; 3.3 kg
11.3 in W x 5.7 in D x 3.0 in H
PA with Fan 65 mm W x 35 mm D x 130 mm H; 0.3 kg
11.3 in W x 5.7 in D x 4.1 in H
Weight Power Amplifi er (PA) 2.2 kg (4.9 lb)
Fan 0.3 kg (0.7 lb)
PA Mounting Bracket 0.5 kg (1.1 lb)
Connector style RF In: BNC
RF Out: 50-239 (LHHF)
PA DC Supply Control: 12 pin military


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