AT IP1 Internet Remote Interface

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AT ELECTRONIC AND COMMUNICATION INTERNATIONAL LTD is proud to announce that we now offer the AT IP1 Internet Remote Control Interface for Codan NGT HF tranceivers.
The AT IP1 Internet Remote Control Interface is a network-based interface that enables Codan NGT series
HF transceivers to be controlled remotely via LAN, Internet or WiFi connections.
On the transceiver side a AT IP1 connects in place of regular NGT handset and speaker. On the control side the handset and speaker plugs into a second AT IP1 unit.
Information that the transceiver sends to the LCD display of the handset is relayed via the network and displayed on the remote handset. Similarly, button presses on the remote handset are relayed to the transceiver as if it was a locally attached handset.
Speaker and microphone audio is relayed between the handset and transceiver via the network using advanced VoIP technology.


Codan HF Transceiver Remote Control Unit

Internet Remote Control Interface AT IP1