AT PPP Portable Power Pack

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AT PPP Portable Power PackAT Communication is pleased to announce the AT-PPP Portable Power Pack. The AT-PPP is a highly versatile solution providing field users with portable and emergency power supply. The AT-PPP is equipped with a built in Hand Crank Generator that allows it to be charged once the built in storage battery has been completely discharged. The AT-PPP includes: 2 USB outputs, 2 Variable DC outputs with adjustable DC voltage, A high intensity White Light LED, a green Laser, a red Laser, a 144Wh LiON storage battery, AC charging point with indicator showing voltage, current draw and remaining battery life.

The AT-PPP Portable Power Pack can be used in the following application: Dismounted Military Soldiers, Remote Border Protection Services, Emergency Vehicle, Remote Police, Aid Agencies, Camping and Recreational Services, Emergency Rescue, Maritime Emergency, Remote Surveying, 4WD and Recreational Vehicles

For more details, please visit our page AT Portable Power Pack