AT Communication is pleased to announce the launch of the AT SA Situational Awareness Terminal

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AT SA Terminal Situational AwarenessSituational Awareness Terminal AT SAAT Communication International is pleased to announce the launch of the AT SA Situational Awareness Terminal.

The AT SA Terminal integrates with a radio transceiver for the provision of Situational Awareness Data for use by security forces, military, emergency services and other agencies involved in coordinated activities for operations such as drug trafficking, terrorism, border control, defence and emergency situations.

The system provides the tools necessary to locate and communicate to users using the AT SA tactical terminal tablet or mobile device. Using satellite location systems and integrated maps, the AT SA provides a wealth of visual information as well as the communication and messaging tools for squad leaders in complex situations to coordinate activities with deployed crew using handheld, chest or backpack mounted mobile devices. 

AT SA communication functions include exchange of short messages, file transfers, videos, maps, mission objectives, photographs in a secure and structured way. Deployed units can display a practical visual status on a situation on a map of the area include their own position relative to the rest of a group. 

The AT SA offers a range of connectivity options for ground and air radio, cellular and satellite radio systems. Using secure and optimised data streaming protocols the system can be expanded to include deployment of rich visual data that extend much further to the front line crew than has traditionally been possible.

In order to meet the demand for rugged conditions, the AT SA is available in various Terminal configurations in tablet and hand held form factors each with able to comply with MIL-STD and IP 67 environmental ratings. Systems are designed to suite Base, Field Command, Vehicular and Man Portable applications.

AT Communication International is available to provide a comprehensive integrated solution based on your mission requirements. Solutions can include a combination of Data Terminals, Radios, Intercoms, Encryption, Situational Awareness Software and Radio Interconnects to provide a coordinated approach to Communications, Command and Control. 

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