PES - Personal Eye System

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PES - Personal Eye System

Personal Eye System (Pro) is a personal tracking, navigation and data sharing application aimed at soldiers, police, security forces, emergency services and others that need topographic navigation, tracking, blue force tracking, and common operational picture sharing.  PES PRO was designed by the active soldiers, as a substitute for a traditional GPS receiver, paper map and a mobile phone.

PES - Personal Eye System Pro

It is designed to operate on an Android platform and uses global positioning system, or other device sensors for acquiring own position. This position is then displayed on raster map. PES PRO uses raster maps, are which for topographic navigation. It does not offer turn by turn navigation per se, such as Garmin or other navigation devices that rely on a road network data. PES PRO can use online public maps (Yahoo, Google, Open Street Maps etc.), Online WMS maps (usually provided by internal GIS departments), offline maps stored on the device in TMS (tiled format), or offline cached maps stored while browsing online maps. Ability to use offline or cached offline maps comes very handy in areas with no 3G coverage or when cost of data transfer is a limiting factor.

Features highlight

Situational Awareness
Fast lightweight raster map engine
Use of public online or mil. offline maps
Touch Screen interface
MGRS/DMS/UTM grid display and conversions
2525B/App6A Symbology or custom symbols
Tactical graphics support
Blue Force tracking
Navigation and Track recording
UAV tracking
Manual position
Distance measurement tools
PDF NATO Standard reporting
Weapons and Sensors
Dedicated, shared or radio GPS
Hand Held LRF support
Weather meters support
UAV/UGV tracking and video streaming
Serial, USB, Bluetooth and BLE connectivity
Range cards
Sniper module
JTAC module
Wifi or GSM/ 3G cellular NET support
MANET Layer 3 radio equipment support
Thuraya SATCOM support
ASYNC radio with P2P or software MANET
Optimized for low bandwidth VHF/HF links
Automatic on the fly CNR fallback to 3G
Customer installable encryption
Video streaming
UAV video preview
UAV full-screen video with HUD
Simple own status reporting
Standard formatted messaging
Orders with delivery and wilco reports (ACK)
Reports with delivery acknowledges
Free text messages
User configurable templates
Tactical Chat
ALERT high priority messages
Order tasks
Order status reporting
Open API toward 3rd party systems
Interconnectable on a single unit level
Self service PES Pro server “portal”
Integrated offline or online licensing
Application locking
Maps packaging and distribution
Emergency data erase with silent reporting


PES Pro Position In C4I Schema

PES PRO is a member of AT Comms C4I suite. It is aimed toward execution level, and relies on BES and IHTA (Intelligent HQ Assistant) for planning, and seamlessly integrate with BES (Battle Eye System) used by the mobile units.

PES Schema

Integration and connectivity

It is best suited for the C1 dismounted segment deployments in or in some tyPES PRO of vehicles. It perfectly complements our C2 segment Battle Eye System solution. PES PRO also offers seamless integration with the C2 segment and supports bi-directional data exchange with BES (Battle Eye System) and IHTA (“Intelligent HQ Tactical Assistant”), our own C4I level software or other C4I systems.

PES Integration and Connectivity

PES PRO uses IP capability of modern military radios for communication. Beside the IP layer PES PRO can communicate using an ASYNC driver (especially useful on older equipment) or WiFi and GSM / 3G cellular network.

Although being a key part of AT Commsfuture soldier programme, it can be used standalone, as a navigation tool, or dismounted commander. PES PRO is also an integral part of dismounted fire control system and JTAC tools. It can integrate with Kestrel weather stations, and Laser Range Finders to provide soldiers with adequate targeting tools.

PES Pro Server

PES can share Common Operational Picture (COP) data, such as POI, unit positions, track reports etc. directly user-to-user, (using SMS, email or custom radio driver) or dynamically over a PES Pro COP sharing server. Later options offers a military grade Blue Force Tracking, and data sharing. PES Server Pro, serves as a common operational picture database. PES Pro clients can connect to the server in order to upload local tactical data, and download common operational picture.

Use of Pes Server Pro is also required to operate PES Pro over GSM/3G network because of cellular network topology specifics. 

PES Pro Server

PES Server PRO is designed to operate on an Windows or Linux platform and act as a central communication point, when PES Pro System is used standalone and not as a dismounted part of AT CommsC4I system. PES Server Pro hold the common operational picture database and share this data with PES Client PRO android clients connected to the server. PES Server Pro can use map layers stored on PES Server, or maps available online. In later case an internet connection between server and internet is required.

PES Server PRO is controlled via WEB interface. Common Operational Picture view of data and map layers is also available.

PES Technology Preview


PES in action


PES - Personal Eye System