Tactical Deploy 90 (TD 90)

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Tactical Deploy 90 (TD 90)


• Fast deployment of PTP 700 MIL STD radios

• Aligns radio to destination radio whether destination radio GPS location known or not

• Deployable in GPS denied environments

• Designed for tactical operators

• MIL STD data and power connectors

Tactical Deploy 90 (TD 90)


The Tactical Deploy 90 (TD 90) provides an automated link establishment positioner solution for Cambium MIL STD radios such as the PTP 700. The TD 90 provides alignment and link acquisition whether the destination location is known or not and even in GPS denied environments. Link setup and remote management tools are available through the Cambium radio web-based user interface. The TD 90 allows for upload of Cambium Link Planner files for pre-configuration or at time of deployment for maximum ease of use and integration into customer enterprise management systems.


• Deployment of tactical MIL STD links both at short and long distance in minutes

• Fully integrated solution with positioner and radio
• Available in a full range of tactical connectivity kits
• Compatible with Cambium Networks PTP 700 MIL STD radios
• Simplified user interface and setup
• Designed for tactical operators
• Ruggedized mechanics and cabling for harsh environments and environmentally sealed for upright or inverted operation
• Lowest Power Draw of any competing solution – can be powered via Cambium PTP 700 Power Indoor Unit (PIDU)


General Specifications
Model Number C000000L067A – White
C000000L068A – Green
C000000L069A – Desert Tan
Country of Origin United States
Physical Dimensions 11.18 x 9.23 x 6.75 in
(284 x 234.4 x 171.5 mm)
Weight 25 lbs (11.34kg)





Mechanical Specifications
Payload 100 lbs (45.36kg)
Az/El Operational Torque 90 ft-lbs (40.82kg)
Drive Rate Azimuth 3.5 deg/sec
Drive Rate Elevation 1.1 deg/sec
Travel Range Azimuth 400˚ (±200°)
Travel Range Elevation 180° (±90°)
Material Finish Finish Aluminum with stainless steel hardware / green paint (FED STD 595C, 34094) over chemical conversion coating
Mounting Direct bolt upright or inverted 4X .400 DIA 3/8” fastener clearance 3.36” SQ hole pattern or optional MLOS connectivity kit tool-less quick connect mast mounting bracket
Ingress Protection Rating IP67
Operational Temp -30°C to 60°C (-30°F to 140°F)
Survival Temp -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Antennas Supported Integrated, 2’ Parabolic, 3’ Parabolic
Electrical Specifications
Communications 10/100/1000 Ethernet
Power Power over Ethernet (PoE) 48-56VDC @48 W
or separate input 18-56VDC @ 48 W
Data & Power Connectors MIL STD 38999 Data & DC in and Amphenol
RJFTV21G for Ethernet data pass through
and Out-of-Band Ethernet pass through and
FKFD GPS connector





Software Specifications
User Interface Web-based hosted internal via embedded controller or via PTP 700 proxy
Remote Management SNMP v1/v2c/v3
Alignment Modes Mode 1: Align with GPS provided location
Mode 2: Align without GPS location
Mode 3: Align in GPS denied environments
Radios Supported PTP 45700, PTP 78700
Stored destination locations, uploadable via LINKPlanner
Link Optimization Optimization Automate alignment based on antenna size
Link Maintenance Re-peak existing links to maintain optimal connections
Boot Up Settings Maintain current alignment settings or start anew
Stow Functionality Customizable stow position
Maintenance Features Syslog, Factory Reset





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TD 90 - Tactical Deploy 90 - Cambium