Voice Encryptor for Codan HF transceivers

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Voice Encryptor for Codan HF transceivers

Voice Encryptor HF TransceiversPDF Version Unité de Cryptophonie pour Communications Radio HF (114 kb)

CODAN HF Voice scrambler option for NGT transceivers is a simple, practical and affordable solution for communication security (COMSEC) across High Frequency (HF) radio networks.

Organisations are aware that their radio communications may be eaves dropped upon by third parties. With the CODAN Voice Encryptor option it is possible to prevent a communications breach that could result in the failure of field operations or threat to staff.

Key features

Simple to use

Secure mode is activated at the touch of a single button. It enables the user to communicate sensitive information in confidence, without complicated setup procedures, and it provides visual confirmation that the conversation is secure.


The CODAN Voice Encryptor uses the unique patented SAFE encryption technology, which does not require synchronisation and allows communication to be conducted successfully and efficiently even across poor channel conditions.


Using analog encryption the Voice Encryptor provides a high level of privacy and tactical security to suit military purposes or any commercial requirements.

Compact and discreet

The HF Voice Encryptor is fully integrated into an CODAN NGT HF transceiver and its operation, making it compact and discreet.

Additional features

Key management and configuration

Each CODAN NGT HF transceiver fitted with a Voice Scrambler is designed to be programmed with a Corporate Code. This code, shared only by other users in the same organisation, ensures call security and can be modified by using a PIN for increased protection. In addition, a Global Code permits secure communication with users in different ogranisations. Codes are not vulnerable to interception because they are never transmitted.

The algorithm used in the CODAN Voice Encryptor uses an analog encryption environment with 128-bit key length, as specified in the signal encryption patent (US Number 5101432). The advantages of these techniques include:

  • No need for synchronisation, so users will not accidentally drop out of encryption mode, and cannot unilaterally force the conversation out of secure mode
  • A unique form of voice encryption, which prevents conventional attempts from successfully breaking the code
  • An ability to change code at any time, or switch between clear and encrypted communication
  • Secure conference calls, which can be conducted with an unlimited number of participants
  • Excellent quality of signal reconstruction, where the encryption process actually reinforces the quality of the original signal rather than introduce degradation

Who can use it

The CODAN Voice Encryptor option is specifically designed for the needs of business, government, and non-government organisations, which require safe and secure communications when carrying out vital operations.

Such operations may include anti-narcotic operations, international truck convoys and humanitarian aid organisations.

Quality of the signal:

Technical specifications






voice transmitted half duplex unencrypted


voice transmitted half duplex encrypted

Speech delay

250 milliseconds when encrypted



Encryption algorithm

128-bit proprietary (non-linear phase signal encryption)

Encryption mode

fixed length 10E10000 combinations

Key management

user programmable Corporate Key 8 digits
user settable PIN 4

Key diversity



not necessary

Group membership

Global, Corporate and Personal


available for all CODAN NGT transceiver models: SR, VR and AR



DC voltage

5 V


200 mA maximum



Signal bandwidth

300 to 2700 Hz

Frequency offset

±100 Hz maximum for HF SSB



Option board (internally mounted)

126mm (height) x 105 mm (width) x 66mm (depth)


Ambient temperature

–30°C to +60°C

Relative humidity

95% non-condensing


Voice Encryptor for Codan HF transceivers