Codan Sprint Data Applications

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Codan Sprint Data Applications

Codan Sprint Data Applications Transfer Codan’s SprintChat and SprintNet applications utilise the benefits of the 3G ALE waveform to provide fast, secure and a highly flexible approach to HF data communications. Peer-to-peer email, file transfer and chat data formats are supported as well as phone SMS and internet mail via the SprintNet gateway. The flexibility and interoperability benefits of the Sprint solution provides a powerful extension to your HF network capabilities.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Fast secure linking
  • Robust S4538 / 3G ALE waveform
  • AES-256 data security
  • Chat text messaging
  • Email and file transfer
  • Auto image resizing
  • SMS gateway
  • Email gateway



The multi-lingual Sprint GUI is designed to be simple and easy to use by utilising a similar look and feel to popular internet messaging applications and minimising system status information to only that which is essential to the operator.
A user programmable contact list enables easy identification of stations in the network, including cellular phone parties for SMS messages.


The Sprint data applications use the latest generation 3G ALE technology to provide fast secure linking in the most challenging channel conditions when other, older systems, fail to communicate.
Linking protection using a programmable 56 bit key prevents spoofing by unknown parties. All over-the-air data transmissions can be encrypted using AES-256 encryption giving peace of mind that the security and integrity of the data will be maintained. Antispoofing techniques are also incorporated to provide protection from unwanted attempts by third parties to disrupt 3G ALE links.


The intuitive GUI is simple and easy to use and Chat sessions are established in a similar manner to internet-based messaging applications, which greatly reduces the need for specialised training.
Messages up to 250 characters are sent peer-to-peer or can be broadcast to all stations. Peer-to-peer messages between Sprint stations maintain the data link so multiple messages in either direction can be sent without link re-establishment, maximising effective air-time.
Multiple messages can be are queued for transmission and a time stamped message thread is maintained for each contact allowing easy review or export of the contact history.
Messages can be exchanged between Sprint stations and the UI of transceivers not operating a Sprint application.
Every 3G enabled transceiver is included in a Sprint network, not just those stations operating a Sprint application.


Pictures and images can be resized by the application to enable faster transfer and file transfers appear in the
message thread and can be opened directly from the thread.
Any standard POP3 e-mail client can be used with the applications. E-mails are created and read in the same way as when using Internet based e-mail systems, again, reducing training requirements.


A SprintNet station is the gateway between the Sprint HF network and internet/LAN based email systems and the mobile phone network.
Any mobile phone user can be added to the contacts list in SprintChat stations. Text messages are automatically routed to the GSM modem equipped SprintNet gateway for delivery to the mobile phone network.
Mobile phone users can text directly to stations on the HF Sprint network. SMS texts destined for the Sprint network are prefixed with the contact name and sent to the telephone number of the GSM modem at the SprintNet gateway.
Emails addressed to recipients outside of the Sprint network are automatically sent to the SprintNet gateway for forwarding via an IP connection to an external email server.


SPRINTCHAT & SPRINTNET Operates with any Codan S4538 (3G ALE) enabled transceiver
Chat messages and SMS texts transferred using LDL
File transfers and email transfers using CAST
PC Component Minimum Requirement
Operating System Windows XP® (Professional 32/64 bit)
Windows 7® (32/64 bit Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate)
Windows 8.1® (Professional and Enterprise 32/64 bit)
Windows 10® (Home, Professional and Enterprise 32/64 bit)
CPU (Central Processing Unit) 1 GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64 bit (x64) processor
Hard Disk 16 GB available hard disk space (32 bit) or 20 GB (64 bit) (actual installation requires 40 MB)
Tuner Modes Fully Automatic and Memory.
Silent tune (No radiated power during tune) is available if RS485 control is used.
Learn mode (teaches tuner all the required frequencies for future recall) is available for
suitably equipped radios
Memory (RAM) 2 GB RAM (Windows XP or 7) or 4 GB RAM (Windows 8.1 or 10)
Email Client Any SMTP and POP3 compliant email Client (e.g. Microsoft® Outlook or
Mozilla® Thunderbird)

Codan Sprint Data Applications