Antenna Tuner AT T-1

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Antenna Tuner AT T-1


The AT T-1 Antenna Tuner is designed for 125 W HF operation in mobile environments where short whip antennas are used. A combination of clever software algorithms and an ability to tune from memory ensures that tuning is fast and efficient. The AT T-1 can be used with the 2110M,2110T HF Manpack and NGT MR Transceivers and will support ALE and Frequency Hopping modes of communication as well as receiver scanning and data transmissions.
The Tuner is contained in a rugged metal case that is waterproof and complies to MIL-STD-810F for vibration and dust ingress. Additionally, the unit is protected from antenna mismatch, and open or short circuit antenna conditions.
The AT T-1 Antenna Tuner is supplied with standard length coaxial and control cables, and optional 2-section vehicle whip antenna and NATO standard antenna mount hardware.


Frequency range 2 to 30 MHz
Power rating 10 to 125 W PEP
Input impedance 50 O
VSWR Typically <1.5:1
Tuning Speed Typically <2 seconds
Tune from memory is <160 mS
Antenna length 2 m (3 to 30 MHz)
6 m (2 to 30 MHz)
Protection Open circuit antenna
Short circuit antenna
Over temperature
Supply current requirements Scanning: 100mA
Tuned: Typically 200 mA
Maximum 800 mA
Supply voltage 10 to 16 V DC
Temperature - 30 to +60°C
Environmental MIL-STD-810:
Waterproof to 1 m for 1 hr (IP68)
Dimensions 200 mm W x 320 mm D x 170 mm H
Weight 3.6 kg
Connectors RF: UHF socket
Control: 6 pin bayonet (as per 9350)
Case construction Diecast aluminium alloy
Compatibilities 2110M,T Manpack (with 3160 125 W Power Amplifier), NGT MR Transceiver
Antenna Details 3 m, 2 piece whip antenna with flexible base
Accessories NATO standard 4 hole pattern antenna base
6 m Control cable (compatible with 9350)
6 m Coaxial cable


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