HF Antenna Tuner AT 4002

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HF Antenna Tuner AT 4002

Automatic HF Antenna Tuner 4002HF Antenna Tuner 4002


Typical 4002 installation
The 4002 is designed specifically for short vehicular whip antennas, and is a rapid, highly efficient, reliable tuner.
The 4002 is optimised to tune a 1.6m whip from 2.5-30MHz with a VSWR typically of 1.5:1 or better.
An optional 800mm riser enables operation from 2 to 30MHz.
The unique tuning algorithm provides a memory-tune location for all frequencies between 2-30MHz.
The memory tuning time of <130mS makes the 4002 the ideal tuner for networks using ALE and/or frequency hopping, with tun-ing times for new frequencies average less than 1 second.

The 4002 is extremely rugged, and meets MIL-STD 810F for
waterproofing (IP68), shock, vibration and dust ingress.
Available antenna bases are shown on Page 3.
View 1 HF Antenna Tuner AT 4002
Figure 1. Connector end of tuner. From the left, the connectors are earth, RF and control.

Figure 2 HF Antenna Tuner 4002
Figure 2. HV end of tuner.

Figure 3 HF Antenna Tuner 4002
Figure 3. Top view of tuner.

Top View Antenna Tuner AT 4002
Fig 4. Flange mount base

Single Hole Mount HF Antenna Tuner AT 4002
Fig 5. Single hole mount base
HF Antenna Tuner AT 4002 NATO Base

Fig 6. NATO Base
The following plots are of VSWR measurements taken of the actual vehicle
installation shown on the front page, using a Codan NGT transceiver.
This is considered the optimum placement for an HF mobile antenna.

VSWR HF Mobile Antenna 4002

Frequency HF Mobile Antenna AT 4002
Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) operation has a general upper limit
of 15MHz, and the NVIS whip package is designed accordingly.
Frequency range   1.6m whip: 2.5-30MHz
2.4m whip: 2-30MHz
Power rating   125W PEP
Power consumption Tuned Typically 400mA
  Tuning <800mA
Input Impedance   50Ω
VSWR   Typically 1.5:1
Tuning speed New frequency Average < 1 second
  Memory tuning <130mS
Memory channels   Unlimited - unique non-linear
memory allocation
Efficiency   15 to 95%, whip-length de-pendant
Temperature Rating -40 to +80° C
DC operating range 10 to 16VDC
Protection Open circuit antenna
Short circuit antenna
Over temperature
Voltage transients
EMC Compliant
Shock and vibration MIL-STD-810F (Dust, vibra-tion, water ingress to IP68)
Case pressure-equalisation device fitted
Dimensions 300mm L x 250m W (including connectors) x 95mm H
Weight 2.4kg
Control cable Codan 3040/9350
Connectors RF: N socket
Control: 6 pin bayonet (Mil-spec)
Case construction Bespoke diecast aluminium alloy
Colour White or military green

Ordering Information
01-1004-001 Flange mount base Standard package
01-1006-001 Single hole mount base Standard package
01-1008-001 NVIS option for Flange mount/Single hole Standard pack-ages
01-1005-001 Flange mount base Extended package
01-1007-001 Single hole mount base Extended package
02-4018-001 NVIS option for Flange mount/Single hole mount Ex-tended packages
02-4016-001 1.55m fibreglass whip option for both Extended pack-ages, replacing the supplied stainless steel whip
02-2174-001 Side-mount bracket option for all packages
46-1010-001 N Plug to UHF Socket Adapter
Standard packages include the 4002, base, spring, stainless steel whip, RF and control cables.

Extended packages add an 800mm riser to extend the lower frequency range.

HF Mobile Antenna Tuner AT 4002