HF Portable Tactical Antennas Codan

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HF Portable Tactical Antennas Codan

Codan 2110 with tape whip HF antenna
Codan 2110 with tape whip HF antenna
3 m (10') Collapsible Whip HF Antenna
3 m (10') Collapsible Whip HF Antenna

PDF Version Manpack Codan 2110 HF Tactical Atntennas Emetteur-récepteur Manpack Codan 2110 HF Antennes Tactiques (380 KB)

Codan provides a range of different HF antenna solutions to accommodate the different needs for mobility, quick deployment, and short/long range communications.

HF Tactical Military Whip Antennas

Operating with the built in antenna tuner of the transceiver, the whip antennas are suitable for communications over short to medium distances.

Made from lightweight materials, the whip antennas are designed to be foldable or collapsible and easily stowed. They enable rapid set up and deployment.

Available in lengths of 1.5m (5') or 3 m (10'), the shorter length whip antenna is more suitable for communications while on the move, while the longer length provides improved range performance.

All Whip Antennas attach to the transceiver with a flexible gooseneck, allowing the antenna to be oriented horizontally or vertically independent of the transceiver position.

HF Tactical long wire antenna

With its 10 m (30') length the tactical long wire antenna provides improved communications performance compared to the shorter whip antennas.

The long wire antenna is provided in an ultra lightweight kit consisting of kevlar reinforced antenna wire, an adaptor for connection to the internal antenna tuner of the transceiver, a winding spool with a halyard rope, and a Quick Reference card with deployment instructions.

Using a suitable structure (like a tree), the long wire antenna can be deployed in a manner of minutes and enables operation between 1.6 MHz and 30MHz.

HF Long Wire Antenna kit
HF Long Wire Antenna kit

HF Tactical dipole and broadband antennas

Superior communications performance can be achieved by using a broadband or dipole antenna. These antennas are provided as complete kits with halyard ropes, kevlar reinforced antenna wire on winding spools, all necessary adaptors, baluns, terminations, earthing wire, anchor pegs, and Quick Reference cards with deployment instructions.

The broadband antenna is recommended for multi-frequency operation including ALE. The dipole antenna provides the best performance on a single frequency.

The dipole antenna is tuned to the required frequency by adjusting the length of the antenna wire that is in use. The 2110 transceiver displays the required dipole antenna length for a given frequency, and the brass markers attached to the antenna wire at regular intervals allow easy measuring of the required antenna length even when deploying the antenna in the dark.

HF Tactical Military Broadband Antenna kit
HF Broadband Antenna kit

Selection criteria

When selecting the antenna for use with the 2110, consideration must be given to communication distance, the installation requirements and antenna performance.

Part Number



distance (km)
Effort to install Performance
0–100 100–500 500+


Tape, 1.5 m


X     Minimal Adequate


Knock Over Whip, 1.5 m


15-00452 Collapsible Whip, 3 m 2–30 X X      
15-00454 Long Wire and Adaptor 1.6–30 X X X    
15-00458 End-fed Broadband 3–30 X X X    
15-00456 Broadband Dipole


X X X    
15-00455 Wire Dipole 3–30 X X X    
15-00457 Dipole and
Broadband kit
2–30 X X X Moderate Superior

Antenna installation

HF Long Wire Antenna

HF Long Wire Antenna

HF Wire Dipole Antenna

HF Wire Dipole Antenna

HF Broadband Dipole Antenna

HF Broadband Dipole Antenna

End-fed Broadband Antenna

HF Military Tactical Antennas