AT PPP Portable Power Pack

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AT PPP Portable Power Pack

The AT-PPP is a highly versatile solution providing field users with portable and emergency power.

The AT-PPP is equipped with a built in Hand Crank Generator that allows it to charge an internal Lithium Ion storage battery. The AT-PPP includes:

  • 2 USB outputs
  • 2 Variable DC outputs with adjustable DC voltage
  • A high intensity White Light LED 3W
  • Green Laser for distress signal
  • Red Laser 0,5w can reach the distance at least 2 km.
  • Compass
  • 144 W LiOn storage battery
  • 110-240VAC AC charging point
  • DC Output Voltage indicator
  • DC Output Current Indicator
  • Remaining battery life indicator
  • Cranking handle and stabilising stand
  • Cranking Speed Indicator
AT Portable Power Pack


The AT-PPP Portable Power Pack can be used in the following application:

  • Dismounted Military Soldiers
  • Remote Border Protection Services
  • Emergency Vehicle
  • Remote Police
  • Aid Agencies
  • Camping and Recreational Services
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Maritime Emergency
  • Remote Surveying
  • 4WD and Recreational Vehicles


The AT-PPP is also available with an option Solar Panel Charger to keep the battery topped when stationary during day light hours. The Cranking Handle and supporting stand fold away for easy stowage.

The AT-PPP is ideal for charging Radio Transceivers, Cell Phones, Sat Phone, Tablet Computers, Lights and other DC equipment. It can be charged with single handed operations with an indicator to provide visual cues on optimum cranking speed.

AT PPP Solar Panel Charger

The AT-PPP is a fully sealed unit designed to be used in extreme operating environments. It is shock proof and has an MTBF of 1000 hours.

AT Portable Power Pack LED   AT PPP Handle   AT PPP Compas


Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +55°C
Rated Output Voltages 14.4 V, 5 V
Rated Output Power 30 Watts
Maximum Output Power 150 Watt
Charging Time 4.5 Hours
Light Operating Time on Full Charge 40 Hours
Dimensions 254x154x90 mm
Weight 2.6 kg
Environmental Fully Sealed, Shock Proof
MTBF 1000 Hours

AT PPP Portable Power Pack Applications


AT PPP Portable Power Pack Datasheet


AT Portable Power Pack