HF Transceiver Codan NGT SR

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HF Transceiver Codan NGT SR


Deliveries of this equipment are stopped


HF Transceiver Codan NGT SRHF Transceiver Codan NGT SR HF Emetteur-récepteur Codan NGT SR (86 kb)

The NGT SR is a comprehensive solution to your communication needs. While incorporating all the usual features of Codan’s leading-edge High Frequency (HF) radio technology, this transceiver also features a user-friendly handset, advanced calling features and Easitalk as standard. Extensive Automated Link Establishment (ALE) capabilities, voice encryption, GPS, fax, data and email transmission are optional.

Key features

Innovative handset

The handset can access all programming and procedures in a convenient and consistent manner. It provides an advanced interface, more efficient operation and easier network management.

The handset supports varied requirements ranging from traditional manual voice operation, to sophisticated ALE-reliant calling procedures.

Users can program channels, functions and addresses into the handset to meet their own requirements. An address book with up to 100 addresses can be easily retrieved via the menu.

The handset may be mounted in any position that makes viewing easier.

Emergency selcall

The NGT SR has a unique emergency calling facility. A distress signal can be sent automatically to selected stations.

Easy installation

Every aspect of the NGT SR has been designed for easy installation in fixed and mobile environments.

Smart monitoring

A variety of channels can be monitored while the radio is muted, and calls can be received on any of the channels being scanned.

Testing and protection

All Codan HF transceivers are fully protected from faults such as antenna damage, overvoltage and reverse polarity, which can destroy other transceivers. A three year warranty is available to every registered user.

Other features

High dynamic range Rx

The high dynamic range of the NGT receiver provides better reception in difficult conditions.

Computer control

The NGT SR can be controlled by a computer through an RS232 port. This assists with paging, GPS tracking and logging, and other automated applications.

Voice Encryption

The optional Voice Encryptor provides communication security (COMSEC) and enables users to communicate sensitive information in confidence, without complicated setup procedures. It also provides visual confirmation that the conversation is secure.

Fax, data, email and internet

The NGT SR is designed for both voice and data applications. With Codan’s optional UUPlus® email software, a highly efficient email network can be set up using either the 3012 (data) or 9001 (fax and data) modems.

Remote diagnostics/ configuration

With Remote Diagnostics your radio installation can be tested remotely by another station to measure parameters such as signal strength, battery voltage levels and power.

It is also possible to remotely reconfigure most transceiver parameters including a facility to disable the transceiver.

Advanced features

HF SSB Transceiver NGT SRAutomatic Link Establishment (ALE)

To automatically select the most suitable channel, ALE is available as an option. Codan ALE provides full interoperability with other equipment compliant with FED-STD-1045 ALE.

In addition, Codan transceivers outperform many conventional ALE systems through the use of Codan Automated Link Management (CALM).

CALM provides the following additional capabilities and features:

  • Multiple networks can be scanned simultaneously at a scan rate of 8 channels per second. This enables up to 3 times more channels to be scanned in the same time as other ALE systems.
  • A profile of channel characteristics is developed over time using a 24 hour based Link Quality Analysis (LQA) database, which has over 7 times more storage capacity and uses a higher data resolution than conventional ALE systems. This significantly reduces sounding activities and enables the transceiver to select a suitable channel at any time of the day from the moment it is switched on.
  • The Listen-Before-Transmit capability detects both voice and ALE activities on the channel before initiating ALE. This avoids interfering on channels that are engaged.


The NGT SR uses Digital Signal Processing techniques to process received audio signals to minimise interference and effectively reduce noise.


Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) is a process that can be initiated by the user to test and report on certain aspects of the system’s performance.

Calling facilities

The NGT SR has selective calling (selcall), telephone calling (Phone call) and message paging (Message call). All incoming calls are time-stamped to identify precisely when each call arrived.

Selcall: Selcall gives users more flexibility. An operator can call a single transceiver and only that unit will respond. The called transceiver will also signal that the message has been received.

Phone call: This function enables the transceiver to make telephone calls via suitable bases equipped with a telephone interconnect.

Message call: With Message call you can send or receive text messages of up to 64 characters; an external computer is not required.


An optional GPS satellite receiver can be connected to the transceiver to enable a live display of your current GPS position by latitude and longitude. It also provides transmission of your position to another unit, and an ability to request the position of another unit.

When used with tracking software, the GPS option provides a complete tracking system to enhance safety. In addition, a security PIN can be used to scramble GPS data so that positions are available only to authorised users.

Technical specifications


Frequency range

1.6–30MHz Tx, 250 kHz – 30 MHz Rx

Channel capacity 400 channels
Operating mode Single sideband (J3E, USB, LSB, AM)
Frequency stability ±0.3 ppm (–30 to +60°C)
Primary voltage 12 V DC nominal, negative earth
Primary power Receive (no signal): 1 A
Transmit: J3E voice: 6 A
J3E two-tone: 10–14 A
Receiver sensitivity –125 dBm (10 dB SINAD)
Transmitting power 125 watts PEP
Spurious and
harmonic emissions
Better than 65 dB below PEP
Temperature –30 to +60°C
Size and weight 2010 RF Unit: 210mm W x 270mm D x 65 mm H; 3.3 kg
2020 Handset: 65 mm W x 35 mm D x 130 mm H; 0.3 kg
2030 Junction Box: 135mm W x 117mm D x 38mm H; 0.4 kg
ALE link quality data 24 hours of up to 100 stations and 100 channels
using a total of 72675 discrete sets of LQA data
ALE link quality
data resolution
Local: 8 bits SINAD, 8 bits BER
Remote: 5 bits SINAD, 5 bits BER
Dust MIL-STD-810F method 510.4
Vibration MIL-STD-810F method 514.5
Shock MIL-STD-810F method 516.5
Computer interface RS232, 300–19200 baud
GPS interface NMEA-0183 (4800 baud, RS232)





Fan for continuous data transmission


GPS interface

NBF Narrow Band Filter (500 Hz)

Wide Band Filter (2700 Hz)

COMSEC Voice Encryptor

HF Transceiver - Codan NGT SR - Emergency call