3G ALE Codan 2110M Military HF Radio

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AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd is pleased to announce 3G ALE Waveform for 2110M Military High Frequency Radios.

Codan 2110M 3G ALE WaveformThe waveform is based on the Standard NATO Agreement (STANAG 4538) and is available as an option for the Codan’s 2110M series HF man pack radio. The (3G) automatic link establishment (ALE) supports enhanced data throughput and linking performance over noisy HF Skywave channels. Integration of the ALE linking protocol and the data transport mechanism provides effective increased data throughput and shorter linking times in difficult HF conditions.

The Codan 2110M manpack is still the lightest HF manpack available, and features the longest battery life. It already offers embedded MIL-STD high-speed data, second generation automatic link establishment, frequency hopping, encryption, and GPS. The addition of 3G ALE capability makes it best value HF manpack available today.

To fully exploit the capabilities of 3G ALE waveform, AT Electronic and Communication International Ltd will offer a software applications suite enabling end user benefits such as email, messaging and situational awareness, enhanced by the benefits of the high performance low-latency waveform.

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