AT Communication new partner Exelis and PacStar

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New Partner Exelis Pacstar

Exelis C-OTM Mobile Command Center Communcation

AT Communication International is pleased to announce that it has been named a reseller and support partner for Exelis Inc. (Herndon, VA) and PacStar (Portland, Oregon) products and systems.

AT Communications will supply and support a number of Exelis products and capabilities including the software-configurable Communications On The Move (C-OTM) package, a standalone command center for multi-agency operations.

Exelis Communications On The Move (C-OTM) package a rapidly deployable mobile command center. C-OTM provides users with a secure, interoperable bridge to multiple local and remote tactical radio nets allowing headquarters to monitor remote tactical communications via the Satellite or IP WAN.

In addition, AT Communications now offers the PacStar 400-series of products, including the PacStar 400-series Quick Reaction Kit (QRK) – EXEC, the PacStar Mobile Network Communication Kit (MNCK), and the PacStar Mini-Transit Case systems.

The PacStar 400-series of secure communications packages serve the needs of government and military small team deployments to large-scale command posts as well as private business needs.
The PacStar 400-series Quick Reaction Kit (QRK) - EXEC is a secure communications package for executive communicators, quick reaction forces and intelligence missions. Rugged and functional by design, the QRK-EXEC provides VoSIP, cellular, wireless and video services.

For teams with requirements to transport PacStar 400-series solutions in scalable, dense, quick setup form factors, with high resistance to environmental damage, AT Communications offers a wide array of compact case systems including briefcase and transit case- style solutions.

Designed to support US Forces and Coalition Partners on CENTRIXS, BICES and US BICES networks, the PacStar Mobile Network Communication Kit (MNCK) is a modular flyaway kit that is easily installed for both ship and land environments.

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