Target-X - The New Generation Weapon Light System

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Target-X - The New Generation Weapon Light System

TARGET-X main advantages

  • Switchable power mode 35W / 50W to extend battery life
  • Light beam optimized for .50 caliber machine gun
  • Central ON / OFF switch, integrated remote control handle with ON / OFF and momentary switch
  • Various power sources
  • Supports full remote control
  • Carrying handle
  • Maintenance without special tools
  • Fast ex stock delivery
  • Custom modifications available
Light source Xenon bulb
Power output 35 W (optional 35 W or 35 W / 50 W)
Luminous flux 3200 lumen (35 W)
Luminous flux 5300 lumen (50 W)
Light temperature 4250° K
Lamp life 2500 hours (normal use)
Lamp life on the gun min. 150 hours
IR filter 850 nm cut off (compatible with all new generation
nigh vision equipment)
Power supply 12 V or 24 V DC
Working temperature –30° C to +50° C
Water resistance 10 m (the connector closed by the connector cap)
Storage temperature -40° C to +70° C
Size L - 212 mm, H - 130 mm, W - 141 mm
Searchlight body aluminium alloy 6082
Surface treatment Hard anodizing - MIL-A-8625
Mounting options Picatinny rail (MIL-STD-1913) – mount BT-21664
M2HB – mount BT-21084 + mount BT-21664


Target-X - The New Generation Weapon Light System

TARGET-X weapon light can be fitted to

M2HB .50 caliber machine gun, Mk19 grenade launcher, M134, M240, APCs and other armored vehicles – mounted on lafette or on weapon station

TARGET – X Designed to support operational requirements in various combat senarios

Made out of heavy duty Aerospace Grade-Aluminium with its hard-anodized surface treatment (Mil-Spec HA Type III) finish, the TARGET-X is extremely ruggedized - made for the combat environment to accomplish missions.

TARGET-X has been carefully developed around the human eye’s capabilities. Tests have established that the strong, pre-focused and centerweighted light beam of the TARGET-X delivers optimal illumination at any distance to target (up to 1500m) for the soldier to complete his task. An illumination level of 0.25 kux at 1500m distance makes the TARGET-X the most powerful weapon light available in its class.


Target-X AccessoriesHigh performance bulb
The ultra high efficient ballast in combination with the standard D1s, EMI shielded bulb (Osram) delivers 5300 lumens of white light (42500 K).
The bulb is easily field replaceable without the requirement for special tools.

All weapon lights take advantage of using high impact resistant Borofloat Glass. Its excellent heat transmission enables the very effective usage of various infrared filters on the TARGET-X

An infrared filter is a standard, integrated part of every TARGET-X manufactured. Filters to penetrate fog or smoke are available optional.

TARGET-X takes advantage of a special high-end electroformed reflector which due to the optimized coating provides maximum reflection of the visible and infrared portion of the spectrum. In combination with our standard high intensity discharge (HID) bulb, the TARGET-X sets a new benchmark in weapon light performance.

Power source
The TARGET-X can be powered by any 12V or 24V source such as MIL-STD BB2590 battery. As additional feature, can provide ruggedized, magnetic battery support for the BB2590.

The design of TARGET-X has been optimized and latest technologies have been applied resulting in significant decrease in size and the overall weight of TARGET-X making it perfect for use with MIL-STD 913 Picatinny rail.

TARGET-X weapon lights are used on weapon systems with up to .50 caliber HMG and on automatic grenade launchers.

3D mount for armored vehicles - enables to adjust the light angle Soft lens
Target-X Accessories
TARGET-X power cable TARGET-X cover bag Quick release mount - supports MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail
Taget-X Accessories
Hand holder Handle replacement Portable Multi charger - charges up to 8 batteries simultaniously
Target-X Accessories
Magnetic battery holder
for BB-2590
TARGET-X remote control    
Target-X Accessories    


Vibration and shock tests – MIL-STD-810
CE certified
Quality control – ISO 9001
Packaging control

Target-X Weapon Light System

Target-X - The New Generation Weapon Light System