AT LR Ground Surveillance Radar

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AT LR Ground Surveillance Radar

AT LR Features AT LR Applications
  • Detecting Land, Sea and Aerial moving targets
  • Detection range up to 45Km
  • Automatic detection, tracking and classification of targets
  • Proven FMCW technology
  • Low probability of detection and interception
  • Light weight vehicular portability
  • Rugged ‘designed for mobility’ construction
  • Rapid Deployment 
  • Solid state electronics with high MTBF
  • Independent or networked operation
  • Integrated with existing sensors
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Scalar architecture for multiple clients
  • Military Bases
  • Border Crossings
  • Secure Industrial facilities
  • Strategic Depots
  • Airports
  • Refineries
  • Power Stations
  • Ports & Harbours
  • Mine Sites
  • Secure storage facilities


AT LR Ground Surveillance Radar

The AT LR is a long-range Ground Surveillance Radar capable of detecting land, sea and aerial moving targets at ranges up to 45 km. The radar provides automatic detection, automatic tracking and classification of the targets. Target classification can be manual or automatic set by the operator from the console.
The radar technology is based on Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave technology (FMCW). This provides a very low probability of detection and interception (LPI) due to the low level of transmitted power and continuously changing frequencies. The radar utilizes 32 frequency channels in a wide operating
Frequency range minimising interferences and adapting to the operating environment. The radar uses random hopping frequency channels sets pre-selected by the operator. This allows up to 7 neighbouring channels to be grouped in frequency hopping domains with lower and upper boundaries selected by the operator.
The AT LR is portable and easily deployed by a light vehicle due to its light weight and easy installation. The AT LR can be used in stationary or vehicle-mounted operations and if required can be installed on a tripod for man portable applications. The AT LR is certified to withstand harsh environmental conditions and compatible with all-terrain vehicle transportation requirements.

An Embedded GPS and magnetic compass unit are standard allowing rapid deployment and configuration. AT LR is engineered using solid-state components with low power consumption and low heat dissipation providing for very high MTBF and ultimately high reliability.

The AT LR is recommended for military and paramilitary organisations for applications such as border protection forces, intrusion detection, protection of military bases, strategic infrastructure sites where ambush/raid is a risk from hostile forces. Early detection using AT LR provides facilitates readiness for military and police to provide appropriate support against illegal activities.

The AT LR can be operated either independently or as a part of an integrated network of units via Ethernet or WLAN. The system can easily be configured to integrate with existing systems and sensors in use by customers.

AT LR Surveillance Radar

AT LR Ground Surveillance Radar

AT LR Ground Surveillance Radar – Specifications

Surveillance and Data Processing
Typical Detection Range

Crawling Person: 3 km (RCS 0.3 m²)
Pedestrian: 14 km (RCS 0.5 m²)
Armed soldier: 17 km (RCS 1.0 m²)
Helicopter: 24 km (RCS 5.0 m²)
Vehicle: 30 km (RCS 10 m²)
Large vehicle: 45 km (RCS 50 m²)

Scanning modes Sector scan 6° – 346° and Continuous rotation (n x 360°)
Scan Rate 5°/sec, 6°/sec and 7°/sec, operator selectable
Accuracy Range: 10 m (at 15 km range)
Azimuth: ≤ 0.3°
Minimum Detectable Radial Velocity 1.2 km/h
Target Capacity 10 plots/sec
over 500 tracks
over 1000 displayed plots
Target Classification Automatic and Audio
Data/Control Interface RS-485, WIFI, Ethernet

Technical Parameters

Operation principle FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave)
Antenna 31 dBi, Planar, Horizontal Polarization 
Frequency Band I/J (X) Band, 32 Fixed channel and automatic hopping
Max. Transmitted Power 10W 
Radar Power Supply 28V DC (12– 32V DC), max. 120 Watts
Temperature Ranges Operation: -32°C to +50°C
Storage: -40°C to +60°C
System Weight  55-80 kg 
MTBF > 10 000 hrs (MIL-HDBK-217F)
Maintainability Comprehensive BITE

AT LR Ground Surveillance Radar