AT MGSS Mobile Ground Surveillance System

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AT MGSS Mobile Ground Surveillance System

AT MGSS Features AT MGSS Applications
  • Intercepting, Detecting and Following targets 
  • Classify and Differentiate targets on digital map
  • Clutter Map
  • Spot Window
  • Doppler Audio Channel
  • Manual Target Filter Setting
  • Automatic Alarm by Zone
  • Two level BITE
  • Built in GPS and Compass
  • Continuous recording of all measurements
  • Networkable sensors
  • Local or remote control
  • Rapid training to proficiency
  • Low probability of intercept
  • Extremely reliable
  • Industrial facilities
  • Strategic Depots
  • Airports
  • Refineries
  • Military Compounds
  • Power Stations
  • Ports & Harbours
  • Mine Sites
  • Secure storage facilitiesfacilities

 AT MGSS Mobile Ground Surveillance System Radar

The AT MGSS Mobile Ground Surveillance System offers a unique cost-efficient defence solution providing an increased capability of early threat recognition and improved perimeter control. It is designed for long range security patrols, for controlling large areas and defending mobile targets, and for situations where security demands an on-going adaptation of reconnaissance patterns – the operators of an AT MGSS will be able to quickly redefine the boundaries of the controlled area to instantly react to any situation that may arise.

Mobile Ground Surveillance System Security Radar

The AT MGSS is an engineered and configured vehicle equipped with a number of surveillance modules – an AT PGSR Portable Ground Surveillance radar unit, an optional AT PSR Perimeter Security Radar, an electro optical sensor array and a Command Centre. The electro-optical head is mounted on a retractable mast protruding from the roof of the vehicle. The AT PGSR radar unit is also mounted on a retractable electro-hydraulic mast assembly. The optional AT PSR radar unit is not mounted on the vehicle, it can be deployed as a stand-alone unit within the vehicle’s range and be under control of the Command Centre which is set up in the vehicle cabin.

MGSS Security Perimeter Surveillance system

During surveillance sessions, remote AT PSR radar units are deployed to oversee the secured area with complementary surveillance angles. The operating platform and our unique Adaptive Multi-sensor Systems, presents an easy to operate user interface, offering the possibility of multi-tasking and educated decision-making to the operator. If any of the radar units alerts the operator of a threat or intrusion, the operator can use the Electro-Optical Sensor Array to get a visual image of the threat, thereby improving his chances to take proper measures. The operators control all subordinate sensor units from inside the vehicle, via a common interface – surveillance data from all instruments is displayed on the same operator platform.

 Mobile Surveillance system Radar

The operating system also allows the AT MGSS to function in automatic mode, in a non-interrupted mode of operation. The sensor modules can be set to respond to each other’s signals in order to present the operator with an optimum selection of data for further analysis.

Via the Command Centre node, the AT MGSS system can also control other independently deployed stand-alone units which are configured with proper access. The AT MGSS can also be integrated within a larger network hierarchy of command nodes for operations of a greater scale.

Mobile Surveillance Radar Perimeter Security   MGSS Mobile Ground Surveillance radar

AT MGSS Mobile Ground Surveillance System – Specifications

Overall Hardware Setup and Characteristics

Instrumentation AT PGSR radar unit
AT PSR radar unit (optional)
Electro-Optical Sensor Array
Command Center node
Other instruments as needed
Auxiliary Equipment GPS and North Finding Device
Other equipment as needed
Vehicle Options Any vehicle as needed subject to technical
Power Supply Optional power generator (12 and 24V DC, 230V AC) – unlimited operation period
Vehicle-built-in battery set (12 and 24V DC)
Temperature Ranges Operation: -32°C to +50°C
Storage: -40°C to +60°C
MTBF > 10 000 hr (not including vehicle specific failures)

AT PGSR Vehicle-mounted Ground Surveillance Radar Unit

Typical Detection Ranges Pedestrian: 6 km (RCS 0.5 m2)
Armed soldier: 8 km (RCS 1 m2)
Vehicle: 15 km (RCS 10 m2)
Large vehicle: 24 km (RCS 50 m2)
Scanning Modes Azimuth Sector Scan (6°–346°)
Continuous Rotation Scan (n x 360°)
Scan Rate 7°/sec and 14°/sec, operator selectable
Accuracy Range: ±3 m (at 3 km range)
Azimuth: ≤ 0.3°
Minimal Detectable Radial Speed 1.0 km/h
Target Capacity 10 plots/sec
over 300 tracks
over 1000 displayed plots
Target Classification Automatic and Audio
Integrated Acoustical Target Identification
Data/Control Interface RS-485, WIFI, Ethernet
Installation Mast-mounted (retractable)

Electro Optical Sensory Array
Type and manufacture to be tailor-made to customer’s needs, A typical long range configuration is as follows:


Thermal Imager Fields of View (FoV): Continuous Zoom
0.6° to 2.9° or 1.1° to 5.5°
Detector: 640 x 480
Detection at Mid FoV: 4 km
Recognition at Narrow FoV: 5 km
Daylight (CCD) Camera Detector type: CCD ½” Color/BW
Resolution: 752 x 582
Signal-to-noise ratio: 62 dB
Laser Range Finder Measuring range: 80 m to 20 km
Range resolution: 5 m
Multiple targets: 1st and last targets
Pan and tilt head Mounted on mast (fixed or retractable)
Variable speed
Azimuth range: 360° (Slip ring)
Elevation range: ± 50°
MGSS Mobile Ground Surveillance Radar System   AT MGSS Surveillance System Radar

AT MGSS Mobile Ground Surveillance System - Intercepting Detecting Radar