HF Tactical Broadband Dipole ATT FD 230

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HF Tactical Broadband Dipole ATT FD 230

The ATT FD 230, 2-wire Tactical Broadband Dipole Antenna is a folded dipole antenna which covers the frequency range 2 to 30MHz.

It is supplied in a carry bag which includes balun and load, antenna elements, spreaders and end anchor stakes. Installation is rapid, as it needs only be unrolled and attached to a centre mast and the supplied end anchor stakes. Alternately it can be mounted between two masts for longer range communications.

The antenna elements are of Kevlar reinforced wire to ensure that the elements will not kink with multiple installations. Winding frames for the radiating elements are permanently attached to the end spreaders, and cannot be mislaid. Strain relief is supplied for the antenna elements and the coaxial cable feed line.

A connector and weather shroud attaches to the balun, protecting the input connector from physical damage, as well as providing weather protection.

AT COMMUNICATION INTERNATIONAL AG can supply appropriate lightweight, telescopic, fibreglass tactical mast kits.

No external antenna tuner is required.
The antenna can be installed horizontally for long range communication, or as an inverted V on a single central mast for short range NVIS communication.

Frequency range: 2 to 30 MHz (No tuner required)
Power Rating: 400 watts PEP
VSWR: Maximum 2.5:1 across the band (subject to ground conditions)
Polarisation: Horizontal
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms Unbalanced
Input Connector: BNC, UHF or N type, or other to be specified
Deployed length: 30m when deployed horizontally
Packed Weight: 5 kg
Wind Rating: 55m/sec, (no ice loading)
Temperature Range: -55 deg C to +71 deg C

OPTIONS: The antenna can be supplied with coaxial cable (customer specified type and length) fitted with customer specified connectors.

HF Tactical Broadband Dipole ATT FD ATT FD HF Tactical Dipole Antenna
Inverted “V”configuration Horizontal configuration

HF Tactical Folded Broadband Dipole Drawing

Antenna shown truncated to illustrate features

Tactical Broadband Folded Dipole SWR

Typical VSWR plot, Antenna mounted horizontally at 8 metres.

Kit Components
The kit is packed in a sturdy carry bag and includes the following components.
1. Balun, resistor and centre spacer-rod assembly
2. Antenna radiating elements and integral end spacer rods which incorporate the element winding frames.
3. End anchor stakes and attachment fittings for Inverted V mounting
4. Assembly and deployment instructions
5. Coaxial Cable (optional)

HF Tactical Broadband Dipole ATT FD 230