HF Tactical Broadband Antenna AT SWQ-150M

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HF Tactical Broadband Antenna AT SWQ-150M

The AT SWQ-150M Tactical, Broad-band Antenna is a portable, HF broadband antenna designed specifically for mobile and portable HF communication where rapid deployment and simplicity of operation is essential. 

It can also be installed as a semi-permanent base station antenna.

The antenna will operate at all frequencies in the 2-30 MHz band without any adjustment or tuning required. It is ideal for use in conjunction with modern, digitally configured, HF communication transceivers where features such as ALE and frequency hopping require true broadband capability.

No masts or guying are required. The antenna will work successfully supported by trees, the tops of vehicles or trucks or any convenient object or structure. The antenna works most effectively when supported at a reasonable height, but it will also radiate (with lower efficiency) when stretched out on the ground. (If no support is available).

The radiation pattern of the antenna has a significant vertical component at all frequencies, making it ideal for NVIS applications. Deployment time is, typically, 15-20 seconds from unpack to ‘ready to go’.

The antenna is supplied with Mil. Spec cable and connectors Component case is of rugged die-cast aluminium and the earth stake is of stainless steel with heavy-duty 0.315” (8mm) shaft. A 50’ (15m) throw line and 16’ (5m) ancillary line, of high quality braided nylon cord are included.

Operating Frequency: 2-30 MHz
Input Power: 150 watts SSB PEP
Input Impedance: 50 Ohm
VSWR: Typically better than 2:1 across the band
Input Connector: Supplied with 5 metres of coax fitted with N, UHF or BNC plug.
(Specify option required when ordering)
Packed Weight: 2.9 lb (1.3 kg)
Packed Size: 10” x 5”x 3” (254mm x 127mm x 76mm)

Portable Broadband Tactical HF Antenna AT SWQ

AT SWQ 150M Tactical Broadband Antenna

HF Tactical Broadband Antenna AT SWQ150M - Military - Portable