AT-M TW HF Tapped Whip Antenna

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AT-M TW HF Tapped Whip Antenna

AT M -TW Tapped Whip Antenna
This tuned, tapped whip enables direct connection of the HF transceiver without the need for an antenna tuner. Any frequency between 2-30 MHz can be specified (maximum of 15 taps).
The antenna is built on a solid glass fibre core for maximum strength and impact resistance and features a unique bayonet-locking wander lead for tap selection. Other makes of tuned whips rely on a banana plug fitting which can often come loose in the high vibration environment of a vehicle mounted whip.
This fail-safe feature eliminates a common problem in this style of antenna and it is not found on any other brand.


*Note: This antenna fits to the Base with Adapter, or alternative bases can be supplied.
Frequency range: 2 to 30 MHz - Individual frequencies specified when ordering (Max 15 taps)
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
Power Rating: 160 watts PEP
Color: Matt Black overall
Diameter: 17mm
Length: 1.89m
Mounting: Standard mount is via ½” Whitworth stud. (Can be supplied with other attachment formats or threads)
AT - M- TW Mobile HF Antenna HF Mobile Antenna AT - M -TW

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