Mobile HF Antenna Codan 9350

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Mobile HF Antenna Codan 9350

HF Mobile Antenna mounted at bumper heightHF Mobile Antenna catalogue HF Antenne Mobile Codan 9350 (212 kb)

The CODAN 9350 Automatic Tuning Whip HF Antenna is designed for mobile operation with CODAN HF transceivers that have a large channel capacity.

Key features

Rugged design

The 9350 HF antenna is constructed to withstand the severe environmental conditions usually experienced in some of the more remote areas of the world. It meets or exceeds the shock and vibrations requirements for MIL-STD-810.

The main antenna section is constructed of fiberglass reinforced nylon. This provides a weatherproof housing for the control and tuning devices, which are fitted inside. It is mounted on an anti-vibration base that incorporates rubber mounts. These are likely to be met while travelling on unsealed roads or tracks.

The 9350 HF antenna will operate in a broad range of temperatures.

Fast, optimum tuning

Typically, the CODAN 9350 takes only a few seconds to tune to any frequency. It will seek the optimum tuning point for all operating conditions—this ensures the best communications possible.

High radiation efficiency

The CODAN 9350 HF antenna has a comparably high rate of radiation efficiency. It is rated for maximum voice power of 125 watts PEP.

Additional features

Continuous tuning

The CODAN HF whip antenna uses a microprocessor controlled stepper motor to provide continuous tuning to any required frequency over the transmit/receive operating range of 2–30MHz.

Two whips supplied

Two whip top sections are provided with the 9350 antenna. The standard or primary whip is a wire that is encased in a polyurethane covered fibreglass rod. It is designed to withstand substantial flexing and hard knocks and operates over the full frequency range of this antenna.

The shorter, secondary whip is manufactured from stainless steel. It is designed for use as a backup in emergency situations when the standard whip has been damaged. This whip is only suitable for operation over a transmit frequency range of 2.5–30MHz and is less efficient than the primary whip.

Codan Hf Mobile Antenna mounted at rear bumper heightSensitive to weak signals

When in Scan or Free Tune Receiver mode, a broadband amplifier is activated. This makes the antenna sensitive to even the weakest signals over the entire frequency range.

Mobile HF Antenna

Technical specifications

Frequency range

Primary whip top

Transmit operation: 2–30 MHz

Secondary whip top

Transmit operation: 2.5–30 MHz
Receive-only (Scan mode/Free Tune Receiver mode): 250 kHz – 30 MHz

Power rating 125 watts PEP (voice)
Power consumption

Static: 150mA
Tuning: 1 A

(12 V DC nominal—supplied from the transceiver)

Input impedance 50 ohms: VSWR typically 1.5:1
Temperature –40 to +60°C
Tuning speed 5.5 seconds over full range 2–30 MHz
(typically 2 seconds for generally used
operating range e.g. from 3–7 MHz or 7–22 MHz)
Size and weight Primary whip: 2.47 m; 5.8 kg

The Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) kit is an add-on accessory for the Codan 9350 HF antenna

Short vertical whip antennas are poor radiators at high take-off angles. This makes short distance communications difficult, especially so in hilly terrain. Making the whip longer and more horizontal improves the high take-off angle radiation efficiency.

Key features

Improves short-range communications

Transmit and receive paths over the range of 0–500 kms will be greatly improved with the addition of the NVIS kit.

Easily attached to a variety of vehicles

The NVIS kit can be quickly and easily attached to a wide variety of vehicles. All fitting instructions are provided—no special tools are required.

Additional features

Rugged design

The tough design of the NVIS has been proven through extensive field testing.

Easy to transport

The NVIS kit is supplied in a canvas bag for ease of transportation.

NVIS kit is an add-on accessory for the Codan 9350 HF antenna

Mobile HF Antenna Codan 9350