AT FCG2 Foot Crank Generator and Power Supply

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AT FCG2 Foot Crank Generator and Power Supply

AT FCG2 Foot Crank Generator and Power Supply

The foot crank generator is used for supplying AC power in remote locations for portable communication/electronics equipment. The system is supplied with a generator unit, 12V DC Storage battery, DC to AC invertor and interface cables with a bicycle support mechanism.

AT FCG2 Foot Crank Generator and Power Supply

 Technical Performance


Generator Specification

Output Power


Output Voltage


Output Current


Invertor Specifications

DC Output

9.5 – 13.5 V DC

AC Output

210-230V AC

Max output power


Storage Battery

12V 12AH

General Specifications

Generator Dimensions

170mm x 143mm x 96mm

Bicycle Support Frame Dimensions

600 x 460 x 150 (folded)

Generator Weight


Bicycle Support Frame Weight


Invertor Weight


Safety Mechanism

Over current and over voltage protection

Bicycle Frame max load capacity


 Simple Operational Setup

  • Assemble Bicycle Support frame
  • Affix Generator and Inverter to mounting points
  • Attach pedals to cranking arms
  • Position unit on firm base
  • Connect Interface cable to battery terminals
  • Apply consistent pressure to both pedals at approx 60rpm

AT FCG2 Foot Crank Generator Disassembled Unit

AT FCG2 Charging Only version

AT FCG 2 Foot Crank Generator - Power Supply

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