UUPlus software for HF modem

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UUPlus software for HF modem

UUPlus software for HF modemPDF version UUPlus software for HF modem Logiciel Email pour HF UUPlus(116 kb)

Email for HF software is a simple and reliable solution for sending email over High Frequency (HF) from remote areas.

UUPlus, LLC specialises in designing software that addresses the problem of transmitting reliable and inexpensive email into remote areas of the world. Together with CODAN, they have specifically designed the Client and Server Email for HF software for use with CODAN HF Data Modems and transceiver equipment.

Key features

Simple to use

UUPlus Email for HF is easy to install and maintain. Its simple and user-friendly interface operates mostly in the background of the Windows environment, and comes with online help information and an application guide. UUPlus Email for HF is compatible with any email client application that uses internet protocols POP3 and SMTP, such as Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape and Pegasus Mail.


The software can be setup to automatically answer calls at preset times from the server to exchange mail, or the user can check for mail manually. Users can also configure the size limits of messages. This means that messages larger than the specified limit will be returned to the sender along with an explanation.

Fast and smart

UUPlus software technology reduces connection time by compressing and batching messages. Email attachments, like documents or images, are removed from the messages and separately compressed and sent.

UUPlus Email for HF SSB saves time by automatically resuming interrupted file transfers. Therefore if the connection is lost during transfer, the message will continue from where it was interrupted upon reconnection.

Advanced features

Comprehensive server and internet capabilities

UUPlus CODAN Server software provides HF SSB email for up to 25 remote or local LAN users and includes facilities for email access to the internet or other mail servers.

Automatic channel selection

Channel selection is automated by presetting up to 5 channels in the UUPlus software, or utilising the CODAN Automated Link Management (CALM) or Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) feature of the transceiver.


For information on various system capabilities, requirements and ordering, please refer to CODAN System Solutions sheets.

How it works

UUPlus Email for HF is a Windows application that is designed to provide email transfer, and is available in two configurations:

  • UUPlus CODAN Client for a remote user
  • UUPlus CODAN Server for an office location

Remote users read and prepare mail using their email client application, like Outlook Express, Nestcape or Eudora. Once they are ready to transfer, the user activates the UUPlus CODAN Client software and presses the call button to make a data call. Depending upon the user’s preference, the transceiver either automatically selects the most suitable channel to use via CALM/ ALE, or the UUPlus software steps through the 5 pre-configured channels to establish data connection.

To provide email transfer, the software interfaces with the email client application via standard internet POP3 and SMTP protocols. The email messages are then combined and optimally compressed into a larger file, ready for transfer. When the HF data connection is made a reliable and robust transfer protocol is used to transfer the email data.

The email data is then received on the server station, and the compressed file is unpacked and reconstructed in its original format and forwarded to each recipient. These recipients can either be email users on the same network system, or remote users connected to the internet.

The server is able to retrieve internet mail from either a Multi-POP account or individual POP account located on an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or another corporate mail server.

The server supports up to 25 email users.

HF Modem Software


To operate UUPlus Email for HF software you will need:

  • Windows 95/98/2000/NT4 with dialup networking installed
  • Windows NT4/2000 is recommended for UUPlus Codan Server
  • Internet email client with support for POP3 and SMTP protocols
  • Software supplied on CDROM with electronic documentation on disk

To send and receive email using UUPlus Email for HF software you will need:

  • CODAN 3012 HF Data Modem
  • CODAN HF Transceiver
  • Serial port for connecting the HF Data Modem to the PC
  • Telephone line for dialup networking
  • LAN for connecting local users and/or for connecting to other mail servers

Who can use it

UUPlus Email for HF software is ideal for any organisation that needs to communicate with users in remote regions.

Organisations that already have an in-house system can use UUPlus Email for HF software to extend their existing system into remote areas via HF.

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