ICOM IC-F16/S - VHF Analog Radio

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ICOM IC-F16/S - VHF Analog Radio

VHF and UHF Transceivers

(VHF transceiver, rotary type)
(VHF transceiver, toggle type)
(UHF transceiver, rotary type)
(UHF transceiver, toggle type)

Built to last, built to work!

  • Tough and reliable construction
  • Simple operation
  • Wide range frequency coverage
  • Lithium-ion battery standard
  • Built-in CTCSS and DTCS
  • Multiple 2-Tone, Multiple 5-Tone
  • Optional voice scrambler, man down and DTMF decoder units

The IC-F16/S series shows Icom’s new direction in LMR radio design. Simple operation for everyone but a powerful and reliable tool for your daily business. Its very durable construction is resistant to shock and vibration. The dual rail guide design securely locks the battery pack to the radio. Wide range frequency coverage, Li-Ion battery pack, loud and clear audio, built-in signalings and option unit connector combined with Icom grade electrical performance, the IC-F16/S series will easily exceed your expectations.

VHF Analog Radio - IC-F16/S - Constructions

Tough and reliable construction

The IC-F16/S series is built around an aluminum die-cast chassis and covered with tough polycarbonate casing. This radio is built to last. Its dual slide rail securely locks the battery to the radio. The battery terminal is covered with a noncorrosive rubber packing. The belt clip is clamped between the radio and the battery, making it nearly impossible to knock loose.

Tough and reliable construction

Simple operation

Having only 3 buttons, volume and channel knobs, the IC-F16/S series does not require special training to use. Positive button action for sure operation even when wearing gloves, allows you to get down to the business of communicating without fuss.

Wide frequency coverage

The IC-F16/S series covers a wide frequency range with one version (136–174, 400–470MHz). Wide and narrow channel spacing (25, 12.5kHz) is programmable per channel.

Long use even in extreme cold

Supplied 2300mAh (typ.) Li-Ion battery pack, BP-232H has superior electrochemical characteristics even in extremely cold areas (0˚C to –30˚C). It provides stable output for longer while having less voltage reduction at low temperatures.

Optional board

The IC-F16/S series has an expansion socket for adding an optional board. Voice scrambler, man down and DTMF decoder features are available, depending on the installed board.

Most popular signalings built-in

Use the built-in 2-Tone, 5-Tone, CTCSS and DTCS capabilities as standard to set up your own talk groups and quiet standby when others are talking.

Multiple 2-Tone, Multiple 5-Tone

Up to ten 2-Tone/eight 5-Tone codes can be decoded on a channel. When a matched tone is received, the following items are programmable for each code.

  • Beep sound
  • Answer back
  • Stun
  • LED blink
  • Scan

Other Features

  • MDC PTT ID and MDC emergency call functions are available (Transmit only)
  • LED low battery alert
  • TOT function and lock out penalty timer
  • 2 step power saver
  • Normal and priority scan
  • 500mW loud and clear audio
  • Optional VOX headset
  • PC programming capability
  • Embedded ESN (Electronic serial number) 


Frequency range

Number of channels 16 (IC-F16, IC-F26)
4 (Max., IC-F16S, IC-F26S)
Channel spacing 12.5kHz/25kHz
PLL channel step 2.5kHz, 3.125kHz (VHF)
5kHz, 6.25kHz (UHF)
Power supply requirement 7.2V DC
Current drain (at 7.2V DC; approx.)
Transmit VHF (5W)
UHF (4W)
Receive stand-by
rated output

Antenna impedance 50Ω
Usable temperature range –30˚C to +60˚C
Dimensions (with BP-232H)
(projections are not included)
53 (W) ×120 (H) ×42.4 (D) mm
Weight 296g (approx. with BP-232H)
Output power 5W (VHF), 4W (UHF)
Max. frequency deviation ±5kHz (Wide)
±2.5kHz (Narrow)
Frequency error ±2.5ppm
Spurious emissions 80dB typ.
Adjacent channel power 

80/70dB typ. (Wide/narrow)
75/68dB typ. (Wide/narrow)
FM Hum and Noise 46dB typ. (Wide)
40dB typ. (Narrow)
Audio harmonic distortion 3% typ. (AF 1kHz, 40% deviation)
Modulation limiting 60–100% of max. deviation
External microphone connector 3-conductor 2.5 (d) mm /2.2kΩ
Sensitivity 0.25μV typ. (at 12dB SINAD)
Squelch sensitivity 0.25μV typ. (at threshold)
Adjacent channel selectivity 75dB typ. (Wide)
65dB typ. (Narrow)
Spurious response 70dB
Intermodulation 74dB typ.
Hum and noise ratio 50dB typ. (Wide)
45dB typ. (Narrow)
Audio output power 500mW typ.
(at 5% distortion with an 8Ω load)
External speaker connector 2-conductor 3.5 (d) mm/8Ω


Applicable U.S. Military Specifications

Icom makes rugged products that have been tested to and passed the following MIL-STD requirements and strict environmental standards.

Standard MIL 810F
Method Procedure
Low Pressure 500.4 I, II
High Temperature 501.4 I, II
Low Temperature 502.4 I, II
Temperature Shock 503.4 I
Solar Radiation 505.4 I
Rain Blowing/Drip 506.4 I, III
Humidity 507.4 -
Salt Fog 509.4 -
Dust Blowing 510.4 I
Vibration 514.4 I
Shock 516.4 I, IV

Also meets equivalent MIL-STD-810-C, -D and -E.


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