Codan 2110M-B125 Military Base Radio

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Codan 2110M-B125 Military Base Radio

Codan 2110M Military Base Radio
  • 1.6 to 30MHz
  • Encrypted voice & data options
  • Frequency hopping
  • 125 W output power (100 W option)
  • Supports C4i, Telephony and V/UHF Cross Patch systems
  • AC and DC operation — auto switching
  • MIL-STD-810F environmental
The 2110M-B125 is a compact 125 watt base station system utilising the 2110M manpack radio and the 3160 125 watt power amplifi er. Coupled with Codan’s 3520 power supply, the system is operational from DC and AC mains supplies, auto switching to DC with loss of AC.

The 2110M cradle allows quick release “Jerk-&-Run” capability. With the internal GPS and auto-switching antenna, the 2110M provides continuous operation without operator intervention whilst transitioning from a 125 watt system to a 25 watt manpack.

The 2110M-B125 base offers a compact 125 watt system utilising Codan’s offering of antenna solutions, providing a tactical system supporting both encrypted voice and data.
Frequency range Transmit: 1.6 to 30 MHz
  Receive: 250 kHz to 30 MHz
  Steps: 100 Hz
Power output 125 W (100 W option) PEP reducing with frequency to 95 W PEP at 30 MHz ±1 dB CW or single tone: approximately 60% of PEP with average PEP control
Supply voltage 100 to 240 VAC ±10% (50/60 Hz) or 13.6 V DC nominal, negative earth
Temperature –40 to 70°C
Environment (MIL-STD-810F) 2110M & 3160: Immersion, Low Pressure, Rain, Humidity, Fungus, Salt Fog, Sand & Dust, Vibration, Shock
Size (Transceiver in Cradle) Manpack, Cradle & Rear Panel: 280 mm W x 320 mm D x 110 mm H
  Power Amplifi er & Mounting Plate: 285 mm W x 172 mm D x 77 mm H
  Power Amplifi er with Fan & Mounting Plate: 285 mm W x 17 2 mm D x 105 mm H
  3520 Power Supply and cradle: 280 mm W x 300 mm D x 110mm H
Weight Manpack (2110M) 2.9 kg
  Cradle & Rear Panel 1.7 kg
  Power Amplifier 2.4 kg
  Fan 0.24 kg
  PA, fan and mounting plate 2.64 kg
  3520 0.24 kg
System 2110M Cradle 15-00139-002
  2110 Adaptor Panel 08-06822-001
  3160 Power Amplifi er 08-06804-002
  Fan Kit 08-06900-002
  3160 Mounting Bracket 15-60016
  3520 Power Supply 08-07050-002
Cables 3160 Control / Power Cable 08-07034-002
  Coaxial BNC–BNC cable 0.7 m 08-06809-002
  3160 Installation kit 15-00146
  3520 AC mains cable  
  3520 DC 12 V Battery backup cable  

Codan 2110M Military Base Station