CODAN MRZ Strategic HF Radio System

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CODAN MRZ Strategic HF Radio System

Part No Strategic HF Radio System - Deployable
Power Supply 100-240 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz:9-36 V DC: Lithium-Ion Battery & UPS System (Automatic)
Channels 600
Frequency Range Transmit: 1-6-30 MHz
Receive: 250 kHz-30 MHz
Frequency Stability ± 0.5ppm (-30C to 60C)
Receiver Sensitivity -125 dBm (10 dB SINAD)
Intermodulation Distortion >32 dB below PEP
Suppression >60 dB below PEP (spurious and harmonics)
Operating Temperature -10° С to +60° С
Receive Audio Easitaik DSP filtered audio
Power Amplification 125/500/1000 W PEP +/-1dB
Duty Cycle 100%: Normal Speech overfull temperature range 100%: all modes up to maximum ambient 45° С
Operating mode Single Side Band (J3E, USB. LSB. AM,H3E)
Interface RS232, 300-19200 baud, 2/4 wire, Ethernet (OEM)
Input/Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Protection Safe under all load conditions Bypass to 125W PEP
Spurious and harmonic emissions Better than 60 dB below PEP
Size  33.6 L X 22.6W x 13.1 H
Weight 40lb/18 kg  (50lb/23kg with Li-Ion Batteries Qty 3)
CODAN MRZ Strategic HF Radio System Military HF Transceiver


The Codan MRZ series of Tactical HF Radio Systems is a self-contained, easily-deployed family of radio systems, used with the following equipment:

  • Codan NGT MR series Transceiver
  • CODAN voice/data accessories


  • Email,Fax,GPS Tracking and Telephone Support
  • 125-W RF Power Output
  • Ease of use and programming
  • JITC Certified MIL-STD-188-141B ALE
  • MIL-STD-110B data (with Modem)
  • Commercially transportable (Airline Hand baggage)
  • Highly deployable & Lightweight Pelican Case System
  • Universal & Automated AC/DC/Battery Operation Power Input - UPS Protected (Lithium-Ion)
  • Full Range of Tactical and Platform Antennas and accessories
  • Over The Air (OTA) control monitor capabilities
  • Legacy System interoperability
  • Multiple COMSEC Solutions
    • Type-1  COMSEC Interoperability
    • - KY-99
    • - KY-100

Ease of Deployment
The systems are self contained and easily configured for operation. The operator simply connects the system to power and antennas and communicates. The MRZ incorporates a unique platform capability that enables rapid installation on both static and vehicular platforms Codan's

CODAN MRZ Strategic HF Radio System