Codan 2110M Military Mobile Package

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Codan 2110M Military Mobile Package

Codan 2110M Military Mobile Station
  • 1.6 to 30MHz
  • Encrypted voice & data options
  • Frequency hopping
  • 125 W output power (100 W option)
  • Supports C4i, Telephony and V/UHF Cross Patch systems
  • Multiple platform support
  • 100% duty cycle for voice and data
  • MIL-STD-810F environmental
The Codan 2110M-V125 is a compact 125 watt system utilising the 2110M manpack radio and the 3160 125-watt power amplifier. Coupled with one of Codan’s automatic tuners, the 2110M-V125 system provides a comprehensive solution for any tactical mobile deployment supporting both encrypted voice and data.

The 2110M cradle allows quick release “Jerk-&-Run” capability. With the internal GPS and auto-switching antenna, the 2110M provides continuous operation without operator intervention whilst transitioning from a 125 watt system to a 25 watt manpack.

The 2110M and 3160 exceed the requirements of MIL-STD-810F, able to withstand the vibration and shock of wheeled vehicle installations, requiring shock mounts only for other mobile installations.
Frequency range Transmit: 1.6 to 30 MHz
  Receive: 250 kHz to 30 MHz
  Steps: 100 Hz
Power output 125 W (100 W option) PEP reducing with frequency to 95 W PEP at 30 MHz ±1 dB CW or single tone: approximately 60% of PEP with average PEP control
Supply voltage 13.6 V DC nominal, negative earth
Over voltage protection Shuts down at 16 V DC nominal for duration of over voltage
Temperature –40 to 70°C
Environment (MIL-STD-810F) 2110M & 3160: Immersion, Low Pressure, Rain, Humidity, Fungus, Salt Fog, Sand & Dust, Vibration, Shock
Size (Transceiver in Cradle) Manpack, Cradle & Rear Panel: 280 mm W x 320 mm D x 110 mm H
  Manpack, cradle, rear panel & Shock Mount: 285 mm W x 172 mm D x 77 mm H
  Power Amplifier & Shock Mount: 320 mm W x 230 mm D x 115 mm H
  Power Amplifier with Fan & Shock Mount: 320 mm W x 230 mm D x 145 mm H
  3041 Tuner & Shock Mount: 220 mm W x 360 mm D x 200 mm H
Weight Manpack (2110M) 2.9 kg
  Cradle & Rear Panel 1.7 kg
  Power Amplifier 2.4 kg
  Fan 0.24 kg
  Power Amplifier Shock Mount 2.3 kg
  3041 3.6 kg
System 2110M Cradle 15-00139-002
  2110 Adaptor Panel 08-06811-001
  Cradle Shock Mount 15-60010
  3160 Power Amplifier 08-06801-002
  Fan Kit 08-06900-002
  3160 Shock Mount 15-60015
  3041 08-06717-001
  3041 Shock Mount 15-60011

Codan 2110M Mobile Package