HF Vertical Whip Antenna Codan 406

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HF Vertical Whip Antenna Codan 406

HF Whip Antenna The CODAN 406 Guyed Vertical Whip HF antennas are designed for installation on buildings or open ground and are suitable for most CODAN HF SSB transceivers operating with a 9103 antenna tuner.

Key features


Manufactured from tempered corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy tubing, the antenna is supplied unloaded and self-resonant at 7.5MHz.

Easy to install

The antenna is supplied in kit form ready for erection and is available with an adjustable angle base plate and ground spike for open ground installation CODAN 406A, or with hinged angle bracket for roof mounting CODAN 406B. Guy anchors are not included in the kit.

For efficient operation of the antenna, a good earth system is necessary. When erected on open ground, an earth mat consisting of at least four wire radials CODAN code 158 extending as far as possible from the base is desirable, especially in dry ground conditions. A radial ground plane CODAN code 159 is recommended for roof-mounted installations.

Technical specifications

Frequency range

2 to 24 MHz, self-resonant at 7.5 MHz

Antenna length 9.5 m
Guy system One set of four glass fibre, vinyl covered, 4 mm diameter
ropes, anchored on a radius of not less than 3 m
from the antenna base. Recommended tension is 4 kg.
Packed weight 406A: 12.5 kg
406B: 8.5 kg

HF Whip Antenna