HF Delta Loop Antenna D230/330

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HF Delta Loop Antenna D230/330

HF Delta Loop AntennaThe HF Delta Loop Antenna is a high performance, omni-directional, broadband antenna that is suited to base-to-base or base-to-mobile communication over short to medium distances.


The HF Delta Antenna offers high performance over short to medium distances, and exhibits essentially an omnidirectional pattern.

The Delta has been designed to provide continuous coverage throughout its entire frequency range (3–30MHz) making it an ideal choice for a base station antenna.

Easy to install

The Delta Antenna can be supplied with or without a support mast and comes complete ready to install on site. It requires a relatively large cleared area for installation at either ground level or on a flat roof of a building; a ground plane is not required. The coaxial cable may be purchased separately.

Radiation patterns

HF Delta  Loop Antenna D230/330 Radiation Patterns

Technical specifications

Frequency 3–30 MHz

50 Ω (nominal)

VSWR Less than 2:1
Power rating 200WPEP (100WAvg)
Radiator elements Marine grade stainless steel
Packed weight Antenna only - 30 kg
Antenna including mast - 222 kg
Carton dimensions Antenna only (1 carton) - 910 x 285 x 205 mm
Antenna including mast (3 cartons) - 960 x 630 x 270 mm,
1110 x 1110 x 390mm and 4500 x 1570 x 140mm
Mast height 15 m
Antenna width 46 m
Guy radius 10 m
Overall height 16m (includes gibbet)
Footprint 50 x 18 m
Wind rating Up to 180 kph (112 mph) in clear air,
subject to mast, footing and anchoring

HF Antenna - Delta Loop